Career @IUB


Career @IUB


Situations Vacant "Medical Officer"

Research Assistant in HEC funded Project, Department of Education

Research Assistants in (HEC) funded Project Agriculture College Deptt of PB&G

Coordinator Officer, Project Based Career Opportunity IPB-858

Research Assistants in (HEC) funded Project Agriculture College

Research Associate in (HEC) Funded Project (Veterinary College)

Situation Vacant Research Associate in PARB funded Project Veterinary College

Situations Vacant Faculty Positions at University College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences IPB-700

Situations Vacant Research Assistant and daily Laborer department of Soil Science UCA&ES

Situation Vacant Research Assistant, Food Science and Technoogy, UCA&ES

Situation Vacant Research Assistant "Department of Foresty, Range & Waldlife Management UCA&ES

Situation Vacant (Research Assistants), Department of Chemistry

Situtation Vacant Research Assoicate (Bahawalnagar Campus)

Project Based Career Opportunity

Situation Vacant Research Assistant Department of Pharmacy

Situations Vacant (Registrar and Controller of Examinations)

Situation Vacant Research Associate Deptt. of Physics (IPB-1322)

Situation Vacant Research Assistant Deptt. of Mathematics (IPB-1324)

Situation Vacant (Research Project daily paid labour, Skilled and Un-skilled)

Situation Vacant Research Assistants (Department of Soil Science)

Situation Vacant Research Associate (Soil Science Department UCA&ES Project)

Research Assistant in (HEC) Funded Project IPB-537

Corrigendum IPB-437

Situations Vacant IPB-437

Project Based Career Opportunity

Situation Vacant (University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)

Corrigendum IPB-1475 (Situations Vacant "Registrar and Controller of Examinations")

Situations Vacant (Senior Medical Officer and Medical Officer) [19-01-2017]


SITUATIONS VACANT(Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Homeo Doctor, Hakeem and System Operator) [01-01-2017]

Situation Vacant at IUB [29-12-2016]

Situation Vacant HEC Funded Project, Department of Media Studies [14-12-2016]

Situation Vacant (Research Associate in Higher Education Commission (HEC) funded Project) [10-11-2016]

Situation Vacant Research fellow in Higher Education Commission (HEC) funded Research Project[26-08-2016]

Project Based Career Opportunities[26-08-2016]

Situation Vacant at Management Science IUB[11-08-2016]

Situation Vacant at University College of Engineering & Technology IUB[26-07-2016]

Situation Vacant (Research Associate)[20-07-2016]

Situation Vacant Research Associate (HEC) funded project[02-07-2016]


Project Based Career Opportunities[01-06-2016](Expired)

SITUATIONS VACANT[06-05-2016](Expired)


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