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Career @IUB

Career Development Center (CDC)
Introduction of Career Development Center (CDC)

Career Development Center is established under the project of Gender Reform Action Plan in July 2007 in The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.



  Establishment of Career Development Center
  CDC will work in order to encourage students towards Public Service Placements and to make them attain decision making positions. The major objective of CDC is to facilitate the students in transition to further studies and employment by providing resources to graduates for making rational decisions including training and guidance in career management skills. This Center will be equipped with materials giving details of terms and conditions of competitive examinations, recommended text books, and strategies for taking these examinations.

Government has established CDCs in 5 major universities of Punjab;

  1. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  2. Punjab University, Lahore
  3. Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi
  4. Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  5. Agricultural University, Faisalabad
  Team of CDC IUB
Ms. Tahira Akhtar
Deputy Registrar (Alumni & Career Development)


  To develop the youth of Pakistan in achieving educational goals, having equal opportunities to play effective role in growth of country.
  Mission Statement
  The basic mission of Career Development Center is to work in order to encourage students towards jobs and to help them attain decision making positions. The major objective of CDC is to facilitate the students for further studies and employment. We are doing a host of activities for the promotion of our mission.
Basic mission is to become a hub between students of university and organizations for well judged career decisions by inculcating market oriented skills which enhances their creativity and enable them in finding their unique position.
  Aim of CDC
  We aim to achieve our mission by providing a professional quality career education, skill enhancement training and information about employment opportunities for students. These will be accomplished by working collaboratively with Career Development Center
(GRAP) and The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.
  Objectives of CDC
To provide a plat form to seek information and employment for students of IUB.
To built an organizational web between local, National and international organizations with university IUB.
To improve the skills of students for competitive exams of civil, federal and public services.
Conduction of workshops and seminars to encourage students towards employment.
Conduction of workshops for skill development such as interview techniques and Resume writing.
Providing one to one counseling to students for career selection.
Development of database for developing public/private partnership with the help of donor's/ CDOs.
Maintain constant liaison with institutes of learning and to develop interaction of students with scholars.

  Career Counseling Workshops by CDC
  1. Career Counseling
  2. Job Search Strategies
  3. Interview Skills
  4. Career Sources Orientation
  5. Resume Writing skills
  6. Communication Skills
    If any student need detail of workshops please visit Workshop's file.
  CDC's regular On Air Programme "Career Guide" on Campus Radio FM-92.6 at every Friday at 11:30am
  Internship Programme for Students of IUB
CDC arranges internships for the students of IUB. In October 2007 CDC conducted a survey with the collaboration of Government of Punjab for students of Social Work Department of IUB. This was a great chance for the students. Field work experience provides them a great exposure and experience. Students got good stipend too.
  Career Development Center arranged a Seminar on Social Mobilization for the students of social sciences on 13th November 2007. The purpose is to facilitate the students for field work in their internships.

  Women's Day Celebrations

  Career Development Center arranged a Painting/ Poster Competition on Women's Day Celebrations with the collaboration of Department of Fine Arts.

  Proposed Activities of CDC
  1. Awareness Campaign of GRAP, CDC among Students
  2. Workshops on Career Counseling & Communication Skills.
  3. Seminars
  4. Debate Competitions
  5. Drama/ Theater
  6. Research Surveys
  7. Prepare Volunteer Group of Students.
Skill enhancement sessions/ workshops
    Career Development Centre’s ongoing activities like worships for students to enhance their skills on the following topics:
  1. Career Counseling
  2. Job Search Strategies
  3. Resume Writing Techniques
  4. Interview Techniques
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Time Management
‘Career Guide’ program on every Friday at 12: 20 on University’s FM 92.6
Individual Counseling Sessions
Daily maintenance of Bulletin Board
Here is list of up coming activities/ events of CDC
  1. Slogan Writing Competition
  2. Federal Public Services Commission’s Seminar
  3. Job Fair
Contact no 062-9250336