Peoplesoft Campus Management Solution (CMS)

PeopleSoft Enterprise campus solutions is a comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. In order to help higher education institutions effectively meet and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of all their constituents, Oracle works closely with a wide variety of types and sizes of colleges and universities, standards bodies, higher education associations, and education industry leaders to develop and deliver the most responsive and comprehensive student administration and alumni development systems available today.


  • PeopleSoft Enterprise campus solutions is the world's leading student system and alumni development solution for higher education and is being used at over 800 campuses in more than 20 countries.
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise campus solutions is the most adaptable solution serving all sizes and types of institutions including small, private universities, community colleges, research institutions, and large, public, multi-campus systems.
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise campus solutions is the only administrative suite available today that provides students, alumni, faculty, and staff with immediate access to real-time information and connects that information to specific action.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Academic Advisement
Academic Advisement gives students and faculty timely access to academic records and reports. With less time spent on administrative tasks and information gathering, advisers have more time to interact with students in meaningful ways.
  • Customize course and noncourse degree requirements.
  • Establish and track degree requirements for each student.
  • Customize academic programs for individual students.
  • Create degree audit reports to summarize progress.
  • Compare student academic records to program requirements.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Community
Campus Community provides a common source of campus data, coordinating all forms of communication to help you manage your administrative services. It captures all prospect, applicant, student, alumni, and organizational data, then secures it, tracks it, and delivers what you need upon request.
  • Establish rules or events to trigger automatic assignment of sets of communication-oriented records throughout Student Administration.
  • Track all incoming and outgoing communication.
  • Create event templates, identify staffing needs, track attendance, and review results.
  • Create degree audit reports to summarize progress.
  • Define committees, identify members, and maintain history.
  • Define reciprocal relationships and manage joint communications.
  • Maintain multiple names and addresses with effective dates, email addresses, and URLs.
  • Manage other demographic data—residency, medical and emergency contacts, and extracurricular activities.
  • Enable constituents to maintain their own data via the web.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Self Service
Campus Self Service significantly extends the user functionality of the Student Administration and Contributor Relations modules, allowing your users to engage in self-service activities, thus reducing or eliminating the need for administrative resources. Campus Self Service allows you to pull content, transactions, and other applications into a pre-integrated, personalized interface configured to meet your institution's requirements without the need for costly customization.
From Campus Self Service's personalized Student Center page, students can:
  • Access a secure 360-degree view of their relationship with your institution on a single web page.
  • Apply for admission as well as federal financial aid.
  • View class and exam schedules, check enrollment appointments, and enroll or change enrollment in classes.
  • Request transcripts, view course and grade history, and evaluate transfer credit.
  • Generate what-if degree progress scenarios.
  • Manage their student accounts for charges, payments, financial aid, and admission deposit activity.
  • Make online credit card and eCheck payments.
  • View financial aid details, including the cost of attendance, expected family contribution, accepted and net loan amounts, and loan fees.

From Campus Self Service's Faculty Center page, faculty can:

  • See a complete calendar of their classes.
  • View a list of students who are enrolled or wait-listed for a class, plus those who dropped.
  • Send email to one student, a select group, or all students in a class—with just one click.
  • Access class information, such as start and end date, days and times, and location.
  • Enter midterm and final grades for each student.
  • Write notes to be displayed on a student's transcript.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Aid
Financial Aid automates federal and institutional financial aid processing to ensure more efficient operations. Department of Education regulations are built into the software, so your institution remains in compliance.
  • Tailor financial aid management to your business rules and practices.
  • Track applications, control Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) loads, and maintain an ISIR audit trail.
  • Design a cost-of-attendance assessment, create student budgets, and calculate needs analysis.
  • Automatically generate aid awards and packages.
  • Ensure that an award complies with eligibility, then disburse it to the student's account.
  • Process and track federal, state, university, and alternative loans.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Gradebook
Gradebook integrates with the Student Administration module to help your faculty better manage their learning activities and track student progress—anywhere, anytime. With this learning management solution, instructors can create and maintain their class assignments, calculate grades, and apply assignment and exam criteria, including weights, grading scales, and due dates. Gradebook eliminates the time-consuming process associated with transcribing and recording grades from paper.
  • Display assignments on the web and state due dates, point assessment, and weighting.
  • Apply values for assignments and class activities.
  • Copy or modify existing class assignment and grading setups to apply to new classes.
  • Define grading scales for midterm and final grade calculation.
  • Record specific notes about individual student assignments.
  • Communicate with students about assignments.
  • Report midterm, deficiency, and final grades online.
  • Calculate an average grade for each assignment.
  • Enter grades and submission dates for each assignment.
  • Assess student progress by displaying category marks as well as calculated midterm and final grades.
  • Import grades from associated class components, such as labs and discussion sections, to use in calculating final grades.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration
Student Administration lets you manage all of your institution's student services and business operations more efficiently and effectively than ever before. It builds all transactions into common Web pages so that students, administration, and faculty can access information anytime, anywhere from any Web browser.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Financials
Student Financials is an essential tool for managing student and external organization accounts. You can manage and calculate all student financial information, including tuition, fees, receivables, billing, payment plans, and refunds.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Records
Student Records helps you manage all aspects of enrollment, including catalog and class schedule maintenance, transfer credits, requisite restrictions, class start and end dates, wait lists, academic programs, transcripts, and analysis.
  • Expedite enrollment by processing all permission, deadline, and other course requirements online.
  • Administer enrollment by creating and assigning enrollment appointments to customized student populations.
  • Build dynamic academic calendars for self-paced classes to calculate significant dates, such as drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Evaluate course credit transfers and make adjustments to present the best-case scenario.
  • Calculate academic statistics and report results.
  • Customize transcript production and process multiple requests.
  • Establish customized grading guidelines.
  • Improve record maintenance and organization.
  • Maintain course catalog, enrollment, and grading information in a single database.