Peoplesoft Campus Management Solution (CMS)

The Higher Education Commission has initiated a project for chosen few universities of Pakistan named as CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION to make the universities world-class centres of education, research and development. IUB is one of the eight universities chosen for this project.

PeopleSoft Campus Management Solution is a comprehensive solution that automates majority of the tasks that are required in proper functioning of a university. Techlogix has been commissioned by HEC for this project and is responsible for rolling out the CMS at the IUB.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) is a campus management system that automates several strategic functions of a university. PeopleSoft CS has been implemented in 450+ universities all around the world thus making it one of the most widely used campus management system in the world.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions System is logically divided into several modules each of which maps to a university function/department. The following is the list of CS modules that will be implemented at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur:

PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting and Admissions.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Records.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Gradebook.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Academic Advisement.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Financials.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Community.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Contributor Relations.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Self Service and Enterprise Portal

Hostel Management System

This PeopleSoft CS implementation is being executed and managed by the IUB's Campus Management Solution (CMS) Team. The project implementation has been divided into the following phases:

1. Requirements Gathering

2. Design

3. System Configuration/Build

4. Data Migration

5. User Acceptance Testing

6. Production Rollout

7. Post-Production Support.