Life Sciences

Faculty Profile

Dr. Nuzhat Sial


The field of Life Sciences literally has turned on its ear by the recent advances through research in the life sciences. The studies in Botany and Zoology mean scientific exploration of the vast and diverse world of living organisms; an exploration that has expanded enormously within the last four decades revealing a wealth of knowledge about ourselves and about the millions of other organisms with whom we share this planet Earth. Today, research in the subjects of Botany and Zoology, worldwide, spans an almost infinite spectrum of studies from molecules to landscapes.
The students in these subjects study living systems and ask questions about life, such as:

What environmental and physiological factors affect the distribution and abundance of organisms on the earth?
How do cells change as they age, and how does this affect the whole organism?
How can genetics help answer questions about disease, adaptation, behavior, or extinction?
How do matter and energy flow through ecosystems, and how this flow is being affected by human beings?
To answer these and many other questions, the Life Sciences Department at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, prepares students for a variety of professions and careers. All students enrolling in Botany and Zoology will begin working toward a BS (Hons.) Degree, a program that gives students a strong preparation not only in the said subjects but with supporting courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Pak Studies. It also allows students to combine this program within Computers, Communications, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, or other allied programs. Such interdisciplinary degree will greatly strengthen a graduates marketability in the competitive workplace.
The highly talented faculty members deeply understand that continuing research into the biological sciences is essential if we are to overcome problems such as cancer, HIV and tuberculosis, find ways to treat or cure genetic diseases, unlock the secrets encoded in the Genome Sequence, protect endangered species, conserve at risk habitats, and combat threats such as bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases. Apart from that, the students are encouraged to participate in various national and international conferences and represent their field so that they may conduct research for the area and of national need.
Biological Scientists are at the forefront of biomedical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and ecological research. If you are looking for an exciting, flexible field of study with excellent career prospects, both within science and in the wider employment market, then you look no further than the Department of Life Sciences at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.