Institute of Distance Education

Faculty Profile

Irshad Hussain


The Institute of Distance Education intends to make a history of preparing professional educators for the Bahawalpur Region and Pakistan. The institute is committed to promote a culture of learning by providing educational opportunities to all. The quest is to foster a culture of research, reflective practice and inquiry within a diverse community of learners to make them assume leadership role in the society.

We are committed to provide education to all at all places for making Pakistan a better place to live and work in 21st century. The modern technologies such as cell phones, internet, audio and video-conferencing and other satellite links have forced educationists to think and utilize these technological resources for effective learning and to bring about horizontal and vertical expansion in the field of education. Various higher education institutions in world have started Open and Distance Learning to make their educational programs accessible to the people of the world. The educational planners have sufficient reasons to believe that the brick university will be replaced by Click University by the year 2025. Foreseeing the future trends and needs of educational community, the Vice Chancellor of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur has envisioned the institute of Distance Education. It is a blend of his vision & wisdom to provide education to all in the region.