Directorate of IT


Directorate of IT

IT has become an inherent and indispensable component of teaching, research, and campus life. Realizing the importance of Information & Technology. Directorate of IT has been established under the direct supervision of the Vice Chancellor. The head of Directorate of IT is Director IT who is responsible and Incharge of all the IT matters of five campuses including three campuses at Bahawalpur and two sub campuses at Rahim Yar khan and Bahawalnagar.

Directorate of IT of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur is a service provider organization serving round the clock (24/7), all year around (no holiday) since January 2017. There will always be someone in the directorate of IT to serve and to guide.

Directorate of IT provide 40 plus services to the university; play a key advisory role for all teaching and administrative departments for their IT related needs/issues.

Core Areas of the Directorate of IT

Networking division of the directorate of IT is responsible for
  • · physical network (installation of fibre optic as well as ethernet cabling, switches, access points)
  • · provision of internet (organization of internet connectivity through PERN or PTCL/NTC)
  • · maintenance of all communication hardware (switches, access points)
  • · upgrade of servers residing in the data centre
  • · Data Centre
IT Help Desk & Services
The face of the Directorate of IT is IT Help Desk & Services; a dedicated division of the Directorate of IT, a first point of contact for anyone including students. Competent and trained staff is always ready to resolve any hardware or software problem for all teaching and non-teaching departments. Services for students at discounted rates will soon be made available.
Campus Management Solution
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is among the first few universities using PeopleSoft's Campus Management Solution (CMS), initiated in 2006 with the help & support from HEC. Directorate of IT operate a 24/7 Computer Lab within its premises (BJC Campus) specifically for the purpose of providing help and support to all the users of CMS.
Software Applications
Computerization of university wide processes is the main aim of this division. A new team of five people inducted in March 2017 specifically for this purpose. Tasks performed by this division include
  • · daily updation of IUB website for new contents
  • · recreation of IUB website using Content Management System
  • · ongoing creation of all new websites for colleges of the university
  • · ongoing work on "online admission system"
  • · maintenance of existing code base for different departments
  • · administrative applications (financial management and salary)
Educational Services
Directorate of IT provide a number of educational services including management of 7 Computer Labs (one in each faculty buildings). Two more labs, one for 3D printing and one for micro-controller (Arduino), are getting prepared to be launched soon.

Conducting short term courses is another service designed to organize unique and latest short term courses for all kind of student needs. Students should expect all new introductory courses of interest e.g., introduction to astronomy software, digital embroidery, product development using 3D printers etc.

Directorate of IT also manage Prime Minister's and Chief Minister's Laptop distribution schemes.
Organization of Events
Directorate of IT co-manage almost all events within the IUB where it comes to light & sound, video conferencing, skype interviews, convocation or a conference. A dedicated team of 2 people supported by another team of 6 support personal help manage Main Auditorium activities.

Directorate of IT is playing a vital role in promoting educational excellence, boosting confidence of the teaching/non-teaching staff and students by guiding them to improve the IUB standards systematically using new technology and well designed processes.
+92 62 9255062 (IT Helpdesk & Services)

+92 62 9255483 (Baghdad Campus)
+92 62 2285840 (Abbasia Campus)
+92 62 9255249 (Khaja Farid Campus)
+92 63 2274713 (Bahawalnagar Campus)
+92 68 5888885 (Rahim-yar-khan Campus)