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  Face lift and sunglasses to create fashion field in early spring
  "Bright spring days" of the fake ray bans word to be mentioned more and more, the weather forecast on the lovely sun shines warm heart. Sun, you need more attention. A pair of sunglasses tidal face lift, can protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes, but also let you sit on the fashion index small rocket, "whew" soared to outer space!
  01 super retro thin frame is one of the classic style sunglasses tidal sunglasses, hardly fastidious face it with cool temperament, arc along the protection of the most easily out of the zygomatic sunburn, skin whitening, cool two.
  02 if you find yourself fake ray bans clubmaster face Rourou, not compact, large thick framed glasses would be the best choice. Wide, slightly rectangular frame will face makes petite, also let the lines of the face is no longer round planning out so mellow, doll face with more fashionable and lovely MM.
  03 Unisex styles when paired with a couple models, walking in the street is not high it is difficult to return. Stunning blue lenses, moves the will of the people, with different perspectives, the chameleon like colorful streamer is completely unmasked in the crowd you, become the focus of attention.
  Lattice 04 major suit and bright sense of drilling frame, with the gradual effect of the lens more atmospheric feeling. Gradient lenses than solid colored lenses, with more stringent fake ray bans aviators requirements for the production process, the wearer feel more comfortable, the weak light environment of the field of view is more clear.
  MM is usually taken at a distance of 05 myopic attitude of sunglasses, one is not at the same time wearing two pairs of glasses, two if wearing contact lenses and feel trouble, is very distressed. Fortunately, businesses close to launch with myopia sunglasses, atmospheric fine clover glasses legs, is ordinary glasses is difficult to match the buy fake ray bans online height of fashion.
  06 have a style of one's own mosaic color frame for sunglasses embodiment of "eyes on the necklace", rich and varied styles so that the practical value high Sunglasses more beautiful effect, both avant-garde white, western style red or dark atmosphere, can make you more to enjoy the beautiful spring.
  07 for ordinary glasses, square frame or symbol of rigorous and rigid, but for sunglasses, but it is not a MM love, but a have a style of one's own fashion taste. Luxury metal lattice leg inspiration comes from the top buy fake ray bans major suit, you be not of the common sort can reveal the trendsetter temperament.