It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that the dates for the Commencement of Supplementary Examination, 2013 & Annual Examination, 2014 & receipt of admission forms & Fee from the Fresh & Failed Regular & Private Candidates (Previous/Final/Comprehensive/Composite) have been fixed as under:

1.    Date of Commencement of Examination                                  =                 6-8-2014 (Wednesday)
2.    Last Date for Receipt of Admission forms & Fee
Without late fee                                                                         =                9-6-2014 (Monday)
3.   Last Date for Receipt of Admission forms & Fee
with late fee Rs.1000/-                                                                =                19-6-2014 (Thursday)
4.   Last Date for Receipt of Admission forms & Fee
with Double Fee                                                                          =               07-7-2014 (Monday)

i)      Admission Fee M.A. Previous (Regular College students without practical subject)  =      Rs. 2200/- per exam.
iii)    Admission Fee M.A. Final (Regular College students without practical subject)        =     Rs. 2200/- per exam.
i)      Admission Fee M.A. Previous (Regular College students with practical subject)        =     Rs. 2700/- per exam.
iii)    Admission Fee M.A. Final (Regular College students with practical subject)             =     Rs. 2700/- per exam.
iv)    Admission Fee M.Sc. Previous (Regular College students)                                          =     Rs.3000/- per exam.
v)     Admission Fee M.Sc. Final (Regular College students)                                                =     Rs.3000/- per exam.
vi)    Admission Fee students of M.A. Comprehensive/Composite/LCC         =     Rs.4000/- per exam.(without practical subject)
vii)   Admission Fee for students of M.Sc. Comprehensive/Composite/LCC =      Rs.5000/- per exam.
viii)  Registration Fee (if not already registered with I.U.B.)                          =     Rs.1500/-
ix)    Admission Fee  for M.A./M.Sc. Comprehensive/Composite                 =       Rs.4000/- per exam.(without practical subject)
(For those residing in Bahawalpur Division)                                     =       Rs.4500/- per exam.(with practical subject)                            
x)     Admission Fee  for M.A./M.Sc. Comprehensive/Composite                  =      Rs.6000/- per exam.(without practical subject)
(For those residing out of territorial limits of the I.U.B)                    =      Rs.6500/-  per exam.(with practical subject)


5.   Fee Schedule:-
6.   The Examination Centres will be constituted at Bahawalpur, Hasilpur, Chishtian, Haroonabad,
Fortabbas, Bahawalnagar, Khanpur, Rahimyar Khan and Sadiq Abad Cities. The candidates desiring  
to appear from any of these examination centres should clearly write the name of the examination centre of their choice in the specified column on the front page of the admission form.

7.   Eligibility for the Regular College / External / Private & Failed Candidates:-
(i) All the Regular candidates who have completed their academic 2013-14 session are eligible to appear
in M.A./M.Sc. Previous / Final Annual Examination, 2014.
(ii) All the External/Private fresh candidates who have two years previously graduated are eligible to
appear in M.A Annual Examination,2014.
(iii) All the failed candidates of M.A./M.Sc. Annual Examination, 2013 & prior thereto and those who have  
chances at their credit can submit their admission form and fee according to above schedule.
8.   Submission of Admission forms & Fee:-
(i)  Regular Students of Colleges:- The admission forms shall be submitted online and the colleges are subsequently required to submit the hard copies of admission forms alongwith all the attachments duly verified and attested.
(ii) Late University/Late College Candidates should submit their admission forms and Fee duly attested by their Chairmen/Heads of respective Departments/Principals of the concerned Colleges.
(iii) External/Private candidates of M.A. Composite should send their attested admission forms directly to the Controller of Examinations, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The admission forms must accompany Migration Certificate/NOC in original & attested copy of pass result card / degree. The candidates of Bahawalpur Division can deposit their Admission Fee in designated branches of HBL in the Division. The candidates other than Bahawalpur Division can deposit the admission fee in the following Branches of HBL in CD-1 Account through the University Bank Challan.

1- HBL B.I.S.E. Branch (Gulgishat Colony) Multan,          2- HBL Ferozpur Road (Icchra) Branch Lahore,
  1. HBL Main Branch D.G.Khan, 4- HBL Main Branch Airport Road, Jhanda Chichi Branch, Rawalpindi,  

5- HBL Clock Tower, Kutchery Bazar Branch, Faisalabad,      6- HBL Abpara Market Branch, Islamabad,   
7- HBL Kutchery Chowk, Sialkot Road Branch, Wazirabad,        8- HBL Main Branch Bank Road, Muzaffar Abad,(A.J.K.),    9- HBL Chowk Yadgar Branch, Peshawar (KPK)

9.   Admission forms can be had from the respective colleges, designated branches of HBL and can be downloaded from

10. Admission form and fee should reach the Controller of Examinations within the dates fixed for
the receipt of admission forms & fee mentioned above. All the female and male candidates are directed to affix their own one attested passport size recent photograph as well as original bank challan of fee on the admission form at the specified places. Incomplete forms and the forms received after the last date will not be entertained.


Bahawalpur:                                                                                                                                       Imtiaz Ali Sukhera
Dated: 12-5-2014                                                                                         Controller of Examinations