Result Nofication No:      M.Cs. CHEMISTRY First Annual Examination, 2011
It is hereby notified that the result of following Regular candidates of Master of Science
(Final / Comprehensive / Compositee) First Annual Examination,2011 held in August / 
September 2011 in the subject of Chemistry has been declared as Under:-
Maximum Marks : 1450    Mrks
First Division : 870      Marks or more
Second Division : 652      Marks or more
Third Divisio : Below  652 marks
Total Candidates appeared : 83
Total Candidates  passed : 61
pass Percentage : 73.49
Note:- This notification is issued as a notice only. Errors and omission excepted. An entry
appearing in it does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to grant
of a paper Certificate / Degree which will be issued under the regulations in due course.
Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Otained/paper/s to  
        Rappear & Period Division
3303 07-WBDR-120 Javaria Younis Pass 908 First
D/O Muhammad Younis
3304 07-WKP-07 Hafiza Aqeela Ghaffar Hashmi Pass 963 First
D/O Abdul Ghaffar Hashmi
3305 2007-WBDR-57 Sehrish Abdullah Pass 976 First
D/O Malik Muhammad Abdullah
3306 06-WB-676 Qurrat-ul-Ain Pass 940 First
D/O Abdul Khaliq
3307 07-WBDR-69 Alisha Munwar Pass 942 First
D/O Syed Munwar Hussain
3308 09-SE-677 Saiqa Khurshid Pass 926 First
D/O Khurshid Ahmed
3309 2007-WBDR-64 Zinab Ali Pass 912 First
D/O Muhammad Ali Zaidi
3310 07-WCH-32 Fouzia Sharif R.L.A
D/O Muhammad Sharif
3311 06-WCH-36 Asma Noreen Fail III.                  Ist-A/13
D/O Talib Hussain
3312 07-WCH-31 Tanzila Bashir Pass 820 Second
D/O Bashir Ahmed
3313 07-WBDR-460 Abida Kousar Pass 923 First
D/O Muhammad Ashraf Anjum
3314 06-WR-854 Hajra Bibi R.L.A
D/O Haji Muhammad Yahyha
3315 07-WBDR-22 Ayesha Munawar Pass 900 First
D/O Munawar Hussain
3316 05-WB-48 Rabia Malik Pass 1096 First
D/O Malik Bashir Ahmed
3317 05-WBDR-388 Salma Shahzad Fail III.                 Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Arif Shahzad
3318 2007-WBDR-66 Rida Abbasid Pass 967 First
D/O Muhammad Aslam Abbasi
3319 06-WHP-195 Ammara Yasmeen Fail XIII-C2          Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Boota
3320 06-WCH-44 Sidra Akhtar Pass 774 Second
D/O Muhammad Saeed Akhtar
3321 07-ALSK-11 Binish Akhtar R.L.A
D/O Muhammad Akhtar
3322 09-SE-678 Sadia Nausheen Pass 980 First
D/O Ahmad Yar
3323 06-WCH-41 Aneela Javed Pass 863 Second
Muhammad Javed Iqbal
3324 07-WBDR-454 Humara Saddique Pass 873 First
D/O Muhammad Saddique
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Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Otained/paper/s to  
        Rappear & Period Division
3325 05-WHP-185 Anees Aslam Fail III.             Ist-A/13
D/O Muhammad Aslam  
3326 07-WBDR-13 Faiqua Gull Pass 862 Second
D/O Zaeer Ullah
3327 06-WBDR-01 Qurat-ul-Ain Qumar Pass 812 Second
D/O Syed Qamar Abbas
3328 06-WCH-430 Amara Sharif Pass 803 Second
D/O Muhammad Sharif
3329 07-NIACR-116 Saher Khalid Pass 879 First
D/O Khalid Tanveer Sadozai
3330 09-SE-679 Muhammad Youssaf Pass 928 First
S/O Mahi Khan
3331 07-SE-02 Malik Muhammad Rizwan R.L.A
S/O Malik Muhammad Ramzan
3332 06-CH-16 Javed Iqbal Pass 955 First
S/O Muhammad Saddique
3333 05-KFR-78 Ali Muhammad Fail III.               Ist-A/13
S/O Habib-ur-Rehman
3334 2007-SE-35 Hafiz Mehboob Iqbal R.L.A
S/O Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal
3335 08-IB.b-175 Muhammad Ali Pass 830 Second
S/O Allah Buksh
3336 05-SE-55 Asif Ayub R.L.A
S/O Muhammad Ayub
3337 05-SE-697 Muhammad Khadim Pass 950 First
S/O Karim Bkhsh
3338 07-SE-32 Muhammad shahid Nawaz Pass 898 First
S/O Allah Jawaya
3339 2004-SE-49 Sajjad Akhtar Fail III.               Ist-A/13
S/O Akhtar Ali
3340 07-SE-20 Khalil Ahmad Pass 857 Second
S/O Muhammad Jahangir
3341 03-SE-14 Naveed Akhtar Fail III.              Ist-A/13
S/O Khadim lHussain
3342 07-BN-23 Kashif Suhail Malik Pass 921 First
S/O Malik Allah Ditta Suhail
3343 06-kp-09 Aisha Tayyab Pass 945 First
D/O Muhammad Tayyab Saleem
3344 07-WB-20 Saher-un-Nisa Pass 911 First
D/O Muhammad Farooq Ali
3345 07-WBDR-24 Naila Jabbar Pass 799 Second
D/O Abdul Jabbar
3346 07-WBDR-132 Sidra Faiz Pass 895 First
D/O Faiz Bukhsh
3347 07-WCH-29 Iqra Rasheed R.L.A
D/O Muhammad Rasheed
3348 04-WCH-12 Madiha Saeed Pass 854 Second
D/O Muhammad Saeed Naeem
3349 07-WCH-17 Sadia Batool Pass 932 First
D/O Muhammad Saeed  
3350 07-IWS-22 Irum Saleem Pass 818 Second
D/O Muhammad Ramzan Saleem
3351 2007-NIACR-124 Noor-ul-Ain Pass 973 First
D/O Raja Muhammad Ilyas
3352 06-IWS-17 Humaira Kalsoom Pass 931 First
D/O Basheer ahmad
3353 07-ALSK-16 Summia Sheikh Fail III. Ist-A/13
D/O Sheikh Allah Baksh
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Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Otained/paper/s to  
        Rappear & Period Division
3354 06-IWS-20 Mehreen Akhtar Pass 846 Second
D/O Munawar Hussain
3355 05-WBDR-51 Fozia Bashir Fail III. Ist-A/13
D/O Bashir Ahmed
3356 07-IWS-178 Humera Naz Pass 1005 First
D/O Muhammad Aslam
3357 07-BN-44 Muhammad Ahmad RLA
S/O Faqir Muhammad
3358 05-SA-215 Feroz Akhtar Pass 988 First
S/O Ayyaz Ahmed
3359 05-SE-12 Ijaz-ul-Haq Pass 971 First
S/O Muhammad Sardar
3360 05-LP-59 Muhammad Imran Liaquat Pass 906 First
S/O Liaquat Ali
3361 06-SE-31 Muhammad Asif Pass 899 First
S/O Akbar Ali
3362 06-KFR-17 Saeed Ahmad Pass 879 First
S/O Jam Sher Muhammad Abid
3363 88-SA-68 Abdul Hameed Baig RLA
S/O Muhammad Sharif Baig
3364 05-SA-21 Prem  Chand Pass 870 First
S/O Panno Ram
3365 2009-BDC-161 Ansar Abbas Pass 931 First
S/O Ghulam Shabbir
3366 05-SA-19 Zubair Akram Pass 950 First
S/O Muhammad Akram
3367 06-SD-91 Shehzad Ahmad Pass 887 First
S/O Munir Ahmad
3368 2009-BDC-160 Kamran Iqbal R.L.A
S/O Muhammad Iqbal
3369 2006-KFR-18 Muhammad Mazhar Rasheed Pass 902 First
S/O Rasheed Ahmad
3370 06-SA-26 Kashif Nawaz Malik Pass 823 Second
S/O Malik Arshad Nawaz
3371 09-BDC-166 Rashid Mushtaq RLA
S/O Malik Mushtaq Ahmed
3372 2003-CH-71 Muhammad Asif Pass 922 First
S/O Muhammad Bakhsh
3373 05-SA-209 Muhammad Mehdi R.L.A
S/O Khawaja Ayaz Hussain
3374 09-BDC-162 Munawar Abbas Pass 815 Second
S/O Haq Nawaz
3375 05-SE-725 Amjad Iqbal Pass 793 Second
S/O Sardar Muhammad
3376 05-SE-57 Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq Absent
S/O Ghulam Qasim
3377 05-KFR-75 Nadir Hussain Fail XIII-D2 Ist-A/13
S/O Maraj Ahmed
3378 05-CH-256 Sajid Mehmood Pass 766 Second
S/O Rana Muhammad Iqbal
3379 2009-BDC-163 Syed Muhammad Imran Bin Riaz Pass 787 Second
S/O Syed Riaz Hussain Shah
3380 06-SE-107 Abdul Ghaffar Pass 805 Second
S/O Zafar Iqbal
3381 2009-BDC-164 Muhammad Imran Pass 937 First
S/O Muhammad Arif
3382 06-SE-15 Muhammad Rizwan Malik Pass 782 Second
S/O Malik Atta Muhammad
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Roll No: Regd:No: Name of Candidates Result Marks Otained/paper/s to  
        Rappear & Period Division
3383 06-SE-139 Zafar Iqbal Pass 918 First
S/O Allah Ditta
3384 2009-BDC-165 Muhammad Ayub Pass 870 First
S/O Haji Jindwadah
3385 06-SAE-38 Muhammad Aamir Riaz Pass 728 Second
S/O Jam Riaz Ahmad
3386 2006-KFR-26 Abdul Razaq Pass 849 Second
S/O Allah Ditta
Assistant  Controllr of Examinations ASHRAF JAVED RANA
Controller of Examiations
Dated: 13-2-2011
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