The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Notification No. 31   8th Term /2011 B.Sc. Computer System Engineering 
It is hereby notified that the result of the following candidates of the B.Sc. Computer System Engineering  8th Term
Examination Session 2007-2011 held in December, 2011 has been declared as under:-
Maximum  Marks in this Examination:    800
This notification is issued as a notice only. Errors and omissions excepted. An entry appearing in it does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of a proper Certificate / Degree which will be issued under  the Regulations in due Course. 
Appeared:   29                     Passed:  Pass   26                   Percentage:    89.65%
R.# Regd. No.  Name  Father' Name  Total  Result Fail in Subject 
251 07-IU-343 Anila Keerio Jan Muhammad Keerio 662 PASS
252 07-IU-344 Talat Noreen Khan  Atta Muhammad Khan  672 PASS
253 07-IU-345 Hafiz Shams ur Rehman  Abdul Rehman 635 PASS
254 07-IU-351 Muhammad Shoaib  Fateh Muhammad  549 PASS
256 07-IU-347 Waseem Ullah  Muhammad Pari  651 PASS
257 07-IU-1358 Muddasir Islam  Abdul Salam  RL Fee
258 07-IU-818 Husnain Ali  Bashir Ahmad  653 PASS
259 07-IU-606 Ahmad Zafar  Zafar Hussain  601 PASS
260 07-IU-348 Awais Ahmad  Rana Shafi ur Rehman 615 PASS
261 07-IU-1360 Zahid Muneer  Muhammad Muneer  705 PASS
262 07-IU-1361 Ali Abbas Bajwa  Ghulam Hussain Bajwa  RLA, ES-422
263 07-RYK-1403 Hammad Shahab  Ahmad Bux  648 PASS
264 07-IU-1363 Murtaza Imtiaz  Imtiaz Ahmad  Fail  CS-423th, 
265 07-IU-1364 Muhammad Amjad  Manzoor Ahmad  RL
266 07-IU-1365 Muzammil Hussain  Muhammad Mushtaq  713 PASS
267 07-IU-1366 Tariq Mahmood Abbasi  Din Muhammad Abbasi  597 PASS
268 07-IU-1367 Muhammad Sajjad Haji Muhammad Hanif  601 PASS
269 07-IU-1368 Muhammad Hashim Razzaq Abdul Razzaq 630 PASS
270 07-IU-1369 Sajid Ali Anjum Shafqat Hussain  677 PASS
271 07-IU-1509 Muhammad Hammad Tahir  GulzarAhmad  631 PASS
272 07-IU-1370 Faisal Mumtaz  Mumtaz Ahmed  674 PASS
273 07-IU-1371 Abdul Basit  Syed Muhammad Yousaf  Fail  CS-422th, CS-423th, 
274 07-IU-1510 Muhammad Faizan Shafqat  Shafqat Latif  614 PASS
275 07-IU-349 Aashiq Rasheed  Rasheed Ahmad  697 PASS
276 07-IU-1372 Muhammad Yasir Mehmood  Muhammad Akram  589 PASS
277 07-IU-1373 Rizwan Afzal Khan  Ali Afzal Khan  RL Fee
278 07-IU-350 Muhammad Mujeeb Asif  Shoukat Ali Asif  667 PASS
279 07-IU-1715 Usama Javaid  Syed Muhammad Anwar  Javaid  RL
280 07-IU-1725 Muhammad Junaid Khan  Muhammad Yaar Khan  620 PASS
Deputy Controller Exams:  Controller of Examinations