The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Notification No. 33   8th Term /2012 B.Sc. Electronic Engineering 
It is hereby notified that the result of the following candidates of the B.Sc. Electronic Engineering 8th Term  Examination Session 2007-2011  held in December, 2011 has been declared as under:-
Maximum  Marks in this Examination:    800
This notification is issued as a notice only. Errors and omissions excepted. An entry appearing in it does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of a proper Certificate/ Degree which will be issued under  the Regulations in due Course. 
Appeared:   78                     Passed:  Pass   62                   Percentage:    79.48 %
R.# Regd.No.  Name  Father' Name  Total  Result  Fail in Subject 
1 07-IU-317 Abid Shaheen Rao Rao Muhammad Hussain Shaheen  711 PASS
2 07-IU-1409 Kanwal afreen Rana Muhammad Akram 693 PASS
3 07-IU-1328 Tayyabah Nadeem Muhammad Ajmal 670 PASS
4 07-IU-1410 Nida Rasheed  Abdul Rasheed  Fail  TE-424, 
5 07-IU-1411 Haseeb Ahmad Qureshi  Fayyaz Ahmed Qureshi  RLA ES-423
6 07-IU-603 Abubakar Rafique  Muhammad Rafique  704 PASS
7 07-IU-318 Sohaib Ahmed Butt Ghayyur Ahmed Butt 698 PASS
8 07-IU-1356 Muhammad Zeeshan Abdul Majeed 667 PASS
9 07-IU-1412 Usman Mehmood  660 PASS
10 07-IU-319 Muhammad Salah-u-din Rana Khalil Ahmed Fail  TE-424, 
11 07-IU-320 Sardar Farid u Din Masood  Ali Asghar  690 PASS
12 07-IU-321 Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Muhammad Qasim Fail  TE-424, 
13 07-IU-1413 Muhammad Usman Tariq Muhammad Tariq Naeem  681 PASS
14 07-IU-322 Arslan Haider Ghulam Haider  721 PASS
15 07-IU-1414 Muhammad Nadeem Ghulam Haider  708 PASS
16 Zohaib Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmed Ch.  689 PASS
17 07-IU-323 Waseem Abbas Haji Fazal  657 PASS
18 07-IU-324 Muhammad Inam ur Rehman Manzoor Hussain  686 PASS
19 07-IU-325 Muhammad Ahsan Muhammad Rauf 668 PASS
20 07-IU-1415 Faisal Ashraf  Muhammad Ashraf Ali  RLA ES-423
21 07-IU-1416 Hasnain Abbas Pervez Ahmed  682 PASS
22 07-IU-1417 Muhammad Waqar Mehmoob Mehboob Ali  746 PASS
23 07-IU-1418 Mudassar Hussain  Ghulam Murtaza  Fail  ES-421,ES-422, ES-423,TE-424
24 07-IU-1419 Muhammad Yasir Habib Habib ur Rehman 652 PASS
25 07-IU-1420 Muhammad Usman Anwar Muhammad Anwar 660 PASS
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R.# Regd.No.  Name  Father' Name  Total  Result  Fail in Subject 
26 07-IU-1421 Muhammad Waqar Mushtaq Ahmed Fail  TE-424, 
27 07-IU-1422 Haseeb Ahmed Muhammad Saleem 691 PASS
28 07-IU-1423 Syed Noman Ali  Syed Rahat Ali  731 PASS
29 07-IU-1424 Ahmad Waseem Abdul Qayyum  678 PASS
30 07-IU-331 Muhammad Saqib Jamil  Muhammad Jamil  655 PASS
31 07-IU-326 Zeeshan Ahmed Muhammad Arshad 617 PASS
32 07-IU-327 Muhammad Naveed  Muhammad Saleem  691 PASS
33 07-IU-1425 Muhammad Arslan Akbar Muhammad Akbar Mehmood 600 PASS
34 07-IU-1426 Rana Yassar Khaliq Abdul Khaliq 613 PASS
35 07-IU-1427 Ammar Naseer Noor ul Huda Ansari  706 PASS
36 07-IU-328 Muhammad Salman Mubarik Mubarik Ali 679 PASS
37 07-IU-329 Muhammad Faheem Akram Muhammad Akram 627 PASS
38 07-IU-1428 Babar Rasheed  Abdul Rasheed  729 PASS
39 07-IU-330 Muhammad Saifullah Muhammad Lutafullah  718 PASS
40 07-IU-332 Shakeel Ahmed  Muhammad Iqbal  696 PASS
41 07-IU-333 M. Junaid Nawaz Rab Nawaz 677 PASS
42 07-IU-334 Nadeem Abbas  Manzoor Ahmad  713 PASS
43 07-IU-335 Muhammad Awais Khushi Muhammad 617 PASS
44 07-IU-1670 Waqas Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq 643 PASS
45 07-IU-337 Siddique Ali Saeedi  Dost Muhammad  697 PASS
46 07-IU-1429 Muhammad Umar Usman Ghani  721 PASS
47 07-IU-1430 Danyal Shafi Muhammad Shafi  726 PASS
48 07-IU-48 Shahzada Fahad Abbas Ghulam Abbas 686 PASS
49 07-IU-1432 Shoaib Ahmad  Abdul Majeed Fail  ES-422, TE-424, 
50 07-IU-1433 Abdul Haseeb Alvi  Mohammad Akhtar Alvi  Fail  TE-424, 
51 07-IU-1434 Muhammad Shahzad Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq 680 PASS
52 07-IU-1435 Rahil Qayyum Hashmi Abdul Qayyum Hashmi 655 PASS
53 07-IU-1436 Ali Raza Safri  Muhammad Aslam Safri  729 PASS
54 07-IU-1437 Shaheer Hussain  Manzoor Hussain  692 PASS
55 07-IU-604 Muhammad Salman Malik  Khalid Pervaiz Akhter  711 PASS
56 07-IU-1438 Hafiz Abbad ur Rehman Muhammad Iqbal Hussain Fail  TE-424th, 
57 06-IU-338 Zahid Ghafoor Abdul Ghafoor RLA, ES-422
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R.# Regd.No.  Name  Father' Name  Total  Result  Fail in Subject 
58 07-IU-1439 Zunair Aslam Muhammad Aslam 709 PASS
59 07-IU-1440 Zaheer ud Din Babar Muhammad Haneef 666 PASS
60 07-IU-336 Ali Dustgir  Ghulam Dustgir Chaudhary  Fail  TE-424th, 
61 07-IU-1221 Waqas Akhtar Akhtar Ali 665 PASS
62 07-IU-339 Muhammad Usman Amjad  Muhammad Amjad  685 PASS
63 07-IU-1441 Muhammad Saad Rashid  Rashid Ahmed  698 PASS
64 07-IU-1442 Hassan Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali Fail  ES-422th, TE-424th, 
65 07-IU-1443 M. Awais Sadiq M. Ahmed Salik RLA, ES-423th 
66 07-IU-1444 M. Adnan M. Jamil 677 PASS
67 07-IU-817 Muhammad Irfan  Muhammad Amin  642 PASS
68 07-IU-1445 Muhammad Ayub Malik Muhammad Akbar 633 PASS
69 07-IU-340 Asad ur Rehman Irshad Ahmed Tahir 678 PASS
70 07-IU-341 Habib ur Rehman Fazal ur Rehman 642 PASS
71 07-IU-605 Javad Hussain Asad Ali Khan Fail  ES-422th, 
72 Haseeb Ahmed Ahmed Siddique 631 PASS
73 Waseem Abbas Bashir Ahmed 680 PASS
74 07-IU-1446 Muhammad Junaid  Mian Munawar Ali  Fail  ES-421th,ES-422th,ES-423th,TE-424
75 Saad Naseer Lodhi Naseer Akhtar Lodhi 661 PASS
76 07-IU-342 M. Asim Altaf Altaf Hussain RLA, ES-422
77 Ishaq Ahmed Ch Mushtaq Ahmed 635 PASS
78 08-IU-1074 Muhammad Usman Arif Muhammad Arif 696 PASS
79 07-IU-1716 Manzoor Masood Alvi Najam ud Din Masood Alvi 709 PASS
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