Result Notice M.A English (Final) First Annual Examinations 2011

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Examinations Department
Result Notification No. 16 /M.A. English Final I-A 2011
 It is hereby notified that the result of  following Regular  Candidates of Master of  Arts  
First Annual Examination , 2011held in August / September, 2011 in the subject of English 
 has been declared as under :-    
                        Maximum Marks = 1200  
                        First Division = 660 Marks or more
                        Second Division = 495 Marks or more
                        Third Division = Below 495 marks
                        Minimum Pass Marks   40%
                        Total Candidates appeared = 336  
                        Total Candidates Passed = 63
                        Pass Persentage = 18.75%
Note:-  This notification is issued as a notice only.Errors and omissions excepted.An entry appearing in it   
does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of proper certificate/degree 
which will be issued under the regulations in due course. 
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt S.E College Bahawalpur (Female)
4600 07-WB-587 Sabiha Noreen  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Asghar  till A/13
4601 Sana Rao Absent 
 D/o Rao Yasin 
4602 06-WB-652 Saima Amanat  Fail III,VII
D/o Rana Amanat Ali  till A/13
4603 2006-WBDR-280 Faria Tufail  Fail II,III,IV,VII,XII(i)
D/o Sheikh Muhammad Tufail till A/13
4604 2007-WBDR-176 Hina Gohar  Pass 530 Second
D/o Hafiz gohar-ur-Rehman
4605 05-WB-610 Hunza Sami  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Sami ullah Shahid  till A/13
4606 2006-WBDR-228 Tehreem Anwaar Fail II,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
 D/o Mian Anwaar-us-Samad Shahid till A/13
4607 05-WBDR-436 Noreen Rasul  Fail II,VII,VIII,X,XII(i)
D/o Ghulam Rasul till A/13
4608 07-WKP-387 Saima Shahzadi  Fail II,VIII
D/o Muhammd Ashraf till A/13
4609 2006-WB-159 Asia Rana  Fail II,VII,VIII,X
D/o Rana Nazir Ahmad till A/13
4610 Sadia Ramzan  R.L Registration
D/o Muhammad Ramzan
4611 2007-WB-144 Sadia Malik  Fail VII
D/o Muhammad Tahir Malik till A/13
4612 2007-WB-456 Sana Arif  Fail II,III,VII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Arif till A/13
4613 06-WB-224 Aisha Sajid  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Sajid Husain Siddique till A/13
4614 09-IB.b-770 Zobia Shafique  Fail VII
D/o Muhammad Shafique  till A/13
4615 07-WBDR-274 Anum Khan  Fail VII,VIII
D/o Saif-ullah-Khan till A/13
4616 2006-WB-677 Sadia Irshad  Pass 581 Second
D/o Muhammad Irshad
4617 06-WB-94 Fatima Latif  Fail III,VII
D/o Abdul Latif  till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt S.E College Bahawalpur (Female)
4618 05-WBDR-299 Bushra Zahoor  Fail III,VII,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Zahoor Ahmad till A/13
4619 07-WBDR-307 Tayyeba Habib  Fail VII
D/o Habib Ahmad till A/13
4620 07-WST-43 Sumera Akram  Fail II,VII,VIII,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Akram  till A/13
4621 Saba Rao  R.L Registration
D/o Rao Yasin 
4622 07-WBDR-25 Asma Anwar Fail II,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
 D/o Muhammad Anwar till A/13
4623 07-WBDR-73 Saima Hanif  Fail II,VII,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Hanif  till A/13
4624 2006-WB-297 Anum Fatima  Fail II,III,IV,V,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Farooq Bhatti till A/13
4625 2007-WB-457 Anum Arshad  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,X
D/o Arshad Ali  till A/13
Govt S.E College Bahawalpur (Female)
4626 06-IB.b-583 Aasia Mahmood  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Mahmood Ahmad till A/13
4627 2006-WB-312 Bushra Mehtab  Fail II,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Rao Mehtab Ahmed  till A/13
4628 2007-WB-298 Kausar Tallat Rana  Fail VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Rana Liaqat Ali Khan till A/13
4629 06-WB-670 Fatima Alina  Pass 504 Second
D/o Sadiq Ali 
4630 2007-WB-653 Shazia Batool  Fail VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Malik Muhammad Aslam till A/13
4631 2006-WB-677 Sadia Irshad  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Irshad till A/13
4632 07-WBDR-138 Usaira Iqbal  Fail VII
D/o Muhammad iqbal  till A/13
Govt S.E College Bahawalpur (Male)
4633 06-SE-78 Hamzah Muhammad Arshad  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Raja Muhammad Arshad till A/13
4634 07-IB.b-3347 Sajjad Naeem  Absent
S/o Muhammad Naeem Akhtar
4635 00-SE-259 Naeem Khan  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Muhammad Hanif Khan  till A/13
4636 03-IB.b-16 Hashim Elahi Khan Fail II,III,IV,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
 S/o Dr. Atta Ellahi Khan till A/13
4637 08-IB.b-925 Tariq Mehmood  Fail II,VII,VIII,IX,XII(i)
S/o Nazir Ahmed till A/13
4638 09-IB.b-1682 Mian Irfan Shafiq  Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Mian Shafiq-ur-Rehman till A/13
4639 Sajjad-ur-Rehman  R.L Registration
S/o Sajawal Khan 
4640 2006-US-05 Salim Akhtar Jafri  Fail VIII
S/o Nabi Bux Khan till A/13
4641 2006-SE-521 Mian Hssain Jahanzaib  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
S/o Mian Anwar-us-Samad Shahid till A/13
AIML College Ahmed Pur East (Female)
4642 07-WAD-24 Shazia Fayyaz  Fail II,VII,VIII
D/o Jam Fayyaz Ahmed till A/13
4643 07-WAP-133 Ayesha Naeem  Fail VII,VIII,X
D/o Mian Muhammed Naeem till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
AIML College Ahmed Pur East (Female)
4644 03-WAP-90 Sehrish Naz  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Ghulam Mustafa Bhatti till A/13
4645 07-WAP-215 Samiya Alam  Fail VII,VIII
D/o Muhammad Alam till A/13
4646 06-WUS-05 Rehana Kousar   Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Bashir Ahmed Khan  till A/13
4647 03-IB.b-670 Zahara Malik  Fail II,VII,VIII,IX,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Abdul Wahid till A/13
4648 05-WAP-38 Sanam Qasim Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
 D/o Ghulam Qasim till A/13
4649 06-WBDR-70 Anila Sana Akhtar  Fail II,VII,VIII,IX,X
D/o Jafar Hussain till A/13
Quaid -e-Azam Poast Graduate College Hasilpur. (Female)
4650 06-WHP-81 Sadaf Bashir  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Bashir
4651 07-WHP-285 Hina Rahmat R.L Fee
 D/o Rahmat Ali
4652 07-WHP-06 Sahrish Jabee  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Sharif 
4653 07-WHP-56 Sidra Anwar R.L Fee
 D/o Anwar-ul-Haq
4654 07-WHP-33 Naila Mareum  R.L Fee
D/o Qazi Muhammad Ali Hashmi
4655 07-WHP-114 Azka Erum  R.L Fee
 D/o Muhammad Aslam 
4656 2006-WHP-232 Sumera Yamin R.L Fee
 D/o Muhammad Yamin Kamran
4657 06-WHP-248 Sadia Jamil  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Jamil
4658 06-WHP-155 Mehwish Mohsin  R.L Fee
D/o Zahid Mohsin 
4659 07-WHP-91 Tayyebah Maroof R.L Fee
 D/o Muhammad Maroof
4660 05-WHP-130 Abida Perveen  R.L Fee
D/o Khushi Muhammad
4661 05-WHP-170 Aneela Khurshid  R.L Fee
D/o Khurshid Augusten
4662 07-IB.b-1357 Shehla Liaqat  R.L Fee
D/o Liaqat Ali
4663 04-IWAP-10 Zahida Perveen  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Asghar 
4664 07-SVB-15 Saima Noreen  R.L Fee
D/o Barkat Ali
4665 06-IWHP-29 Mudassara Kanwal  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Maalik
4666 07-IWHP-40 Zubta Maqbool  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Maqbool
4667 05-WHP-06 Irum Khalid  R.L Fee
D/o Khalid Mahmood 
4668 05-WHP-29 Rabia Riaz  R.L Fee
D/o Riaz Ahmad Shahid 
4669 04-WHP-43 Ammara Javaid  R.L Fee
D/o Javaid Iqbal 
4670 07-WHP-148 Kalsoom Akhtar R.L Fee
 D/o Allah Rakha
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Quaid -e-Azam Poast Graduate College Hasilpur. (Female)
4671 07-WHP-43 Shamsa Khanum  R.L Fee
D/o Allah Rakha
Govt Post Graduate College Chishtian (Male)
4672 05-CH-185 Ghulam Mustafa  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
S/o Muhammad Yar  till A/13
4673 07-HP-29 Najam us Saqib  Fail III,VIII,XII(ii)
S/o Bashir Ahmad till A/13
4674 08-IB.b-1779 Tanvir Hussain  Fail II,III,XII(ii)
S/o Muhammad Yousaf till A/13
4675 05-CH-217 Shahid Mehmood  Fail II,III,VI,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
S/o Ghulam Rasul  till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Chishtian (Female)
4676 05-WCH-237 Shazia Munir  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Munir Zahid till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Chishtian (Female)
4677 07-WCH-64 Mahvish Khushi  Fail II,VIII
D/o Khushi Muhammad till A/13
4678 2007-WD-38 Rabia Asghar  Fail II,VIII,IX,X
D/o Asgar Ali till A/13
4679 07-WCH-48 Sadaf Afzal Pass 603 Second
 D/o Rana Muhammad Afzal
4680 2006-WHP-101 Nadia Tabassum  Fail II,VIII
D/o Niaz Ali till A/13
4681 2006-WCH-244 Sumera Munir  Fail II,VIII,X
D/o Muhammad Munir till A/13
4682 07-WCH-92 Uzma Jabeen  Pass 610 Second
D/o Maqsood Ahmed
4683 06-WCH-121 Tayyaba Shehzadi  Fail VIII
D/o Sultan Ahmad till A/13
4684 09-IB.b-2132 Asma Rani  Fail II,VIII,IX,XII(i)
D/o Mian Allah Yar till A/13
4685 2005-WCH-47 Gul Mehwish  Fail II,VII,VIII,X,XII(i)
D/o Ghulam Rasool till A/13
4686 06-IB.b-4024 Sumaira Iram  Pass 565 Second
D/o Irshad Ali Nagar
4687 2007-WCH-151 Sania Idrees  Fail VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Idrees till A/13
4688 07-WCH-108 Sidra Masood  Fail II,VI
D/o Masood Ashraf Butt till A/13
4689 2007-WCH-47 Qamar Ashraf  Pass 566 Second
D/o Muhammad Ashraf
4690 2006-WCH-194 Saba Iftikhar Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
 D/o Muzammal Iftikhar till A/13
4691 2006-WCH-188 Nazia Perveen  Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X,XI,
D/o Manzoor Ahmed till A/13
4692 2005-WCH-261 Frida Younas  Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Younas till A/13
4693 2006-WCH-179 Sumaira Noreen  Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X
D/o Abdul Shakoor till A/13
4694 07-WCH-158 Zara Aslam  Fail II
D/o Muhammad Aslam  till A/13
4695 2005-WD-179 Humara Tahir  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Rana Muhammad Tahir till A/13
4696 2007-WO-185 Rehana Qukusar  Fail III,III,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Ghulam Fareed till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Chishtian (Female)
4697 2006-WCH-56 Zahida Manzoor  Fail VIII
D/o Manzoor Ahmad till A/13
4698 06-WCH-75 Fakhira Noreen  Fail II,VII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Allah Ditta till A/13
4699 07-WCH-101 Sumrana Zafar  Fail III,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI
D/o Zafar Iqbal  till A/13
4700 07-WCH-124 Manal Bashir  Fail II,III,VIII,IX,XI,XII(i)
D/o Bashir Ahmed till A/13
4701 06-WCH-49 Aalia Saleem  Fail IV
D/o Mohammad Saleem till A/13
4702 2006-WCH-77 Sumera Naz Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X
 D/o Abdul Majeed till A/13
Govt College For Women Bahawalnagar (Female)
4703 05-WBN-290 Kashifa Tabassam  R.L Fee
D/o Farzand Ali
4704 09-IB.b-2064 Ishrat Aziz  R.L Fee
D/o Abdul Aziz Khan 
4705 07-WBN-352 Sadaf Noor  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Noor Ahmed till A/13
4706 04-WBN-93 Faria Tayyab  Fail VII,IX,X,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Tayyab till A/13
4707 2007-WMA-37 Mehvish Mustafa Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,XI,XII(ii)
 D/o Ghulam Mustafa till A/13
4708 2005-WBN-40 Zareena Munir Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
 D/o Munir Ahmed till A/13
4709 07-WMA-59 Nabeela Latif  Fail II,VI,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Latif till A/13
4710 06-WBN-176 Tayyaba Yousaf  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Yousaf till A/13
4711 2005-WHA-58 Atia Rafiq  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Rafiq till A/13
4712 07-WBN-29 Uzma Noreen  Fail II,III,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
D/o Ghulam Muhammad  till A/13
4713 2006-WMA-78 Nadia Mumshad  Fail II,III,VI,VIII,IX,X,XI
D/o Mumshad Ahmad till A/13
4714 06-WFA-134 Ghazala Razaq  Fail II,VI,IX,XII(ii)
D/o Abdul Razzaq till A/13
4715 07-WBN-143 Saima Saif  Fail II,VI,VIII,IX,XII(ii)
D/o Saif-ul- Islam till A/13
4716 06-WMA-76 Tahmina Hameed  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Abdul Hameed till A/13
4717 07-WBN-06 Sajida Niaz  Fail II,VI,VII,VIII,X,XII(ii)
D/o Niaz Ahmad till A/13
4718 07-WBN-367 Nida Mehmood  Fail II,IIII,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
D/o Mehmood Bakhat Farooq till A/13
4719 06-WFA-158 Fozia Riaz  Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Riaz till A/13
4720 06-WBN-168 Rehana Perveen  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(ii)
D/o Ali Muhammad till A/13
4721 2007-WMA-25 Sumaira Yaseen  Fail II,III,VI,VIII,IX
D/o Muhammad Yaseen till A/13
4722 07-WMA-58 Muzmal Fuzia Fail II,III,VII,VIII,IX,XII(ii)
 D/o Muhammad Tufail  till A/13
4723 66-WHA-278 Aasia Parveen  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Hussain till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt College For Women Bahawalnagar (Female)
4724 07-WBN-356 Tasleem Kousar  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Rafiq till A/13
4725 09-IB.b-2055 Shaheen Angum  Pass 598 Second
D/o Ghulam Nabi 
4726 2006-WBN-352 Maryam Bibi Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Haji till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Bahawalngar (Female)
4727 05-WHA-313 Saima Gull  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Naseer Akhtar till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Bahawalngar (Male)
4728 06-HA-46 Muhammad Saleem  Fail II,VI,VIII,XII(ii)
S/o Muhammad Yaqoob till A/13
4729 07-MA-05 Abdul Sattar  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,XII(ii)
S/o Manzoor Ahmed till A/13
4730 2006-BN-266 Jamal Ahmad  Absent
S/o Ghulam Mustafa
4731 09-IB.b-2776 Mohsin Saeed  Pass 498 Second
D/o Saeed Ahmed
Govt Post Graduate College Bahawalngar (Male)
4732 2005-BN-78 Muhammad Aqeel  Fail II,III,V,VI,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
S/o hakim Ali till A/13
Ali Post Graduate College of Science Khan Pur (Female)
4733 07-IB.b-1643 Syeda Azmat Batool  Absent
D/o Syed Aashiq Hussain 
4734 07-WKP-204 Shazia Kalsoom  Fail VII,VIII,X
D/o Haji Mureed Hussain till A/13
4735 2001-WKP-75 Rabia Mumtaz  Fail VIII
D/o Haji Mumtaz Ahmed till A/13
4736 Asma Bibi  R.L Registration
D/o Qazi Muhammad Iqbal
4737 09-IB.b-4068 Rehab Nawaz  Pass 586 Second
D/o Muhammad Nawaz Saleem
4738 03-WNP-24 Zainab Rana  Fail II,III,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Rana Liaquat Ali  till A/13
4739 2002-WKP-73 Shabana Ishaque  Fail VII
D/o Mohammad Ishaque till A/13
4740 03-WLP-194 Shagufta Mehvish   Fail VII,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Sakhawat Hussain  till A/13
4741 2006-WKP-342 Rubina Ashiq  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,X,XII(ii)
D/o Ashiq Ali till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Khan Pur (Female)
4742 06-ALWK-12 Sobia Akmal  Pass 602 Second
D/o Mian Mohammad Akmal
4743 2006-WKP-147 Nosheen Bibi  Pass 546 Second
D/o Muhammad Tayyab Shah
4744 06-WKP-87 Mahvish Jabeen  Pass 581 Second
D/o Ch. Qamar Javed Iqbal
4745 07-WKP-69 Nayab Hassan  Fail VII,XI
D/o Saadat Hassan  till A/13
4746 02-WKP-163 Salma Shakoor  Pass 596 Second
D/o Shakoor Ahmed
4747 07-WKP-03 Hafiza Rabia Faryal  Pass 576 Second
D/o Muhammad Yasin 
4748 05-WKP-235 Ammara Mustafa  Fail II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII,X,XI
D/o Ghulam Mustafa till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College Khan Pur (Female)
4749 06-WKP-30 Nagina Shafqat Fail II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Shafqat ur Rehman till A/13
4750 2005-WR-750 Raisa Noreen  Fail VIII
D/o Mureed Ahmed Khan till A/13
4751 07-ALSK-17 Samina Asad  Fail VIII
D/o Abdul Sattar till A/13
4752 07-ALSK-01 Rehana Ghaffar  Pass 608 Second
D/o Abdul Ghaffar
4753 07-WKP-502 Sadia Mohib Ali  Fail VII,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Syed Mohib Ali Bukhari  till A/13
4754 05-WKP-291 Aqeela Bibi  Fail III,VII,VIII,XII(ii)
D/o Abdul Ghafoor till A/13
4755 07-WKP-385 Zahra Ahmad  Fail III,VII,VIII,X
D/o Ali Ahmad till A/13
4756 07-WKP-478 Shagufta Kanwal  Fail VIII,X
D/o Abdul Qadir till A/13
4757 06-WKP-213 Nimra Mazhar  Fail VII,VIII,
D/o Muhammad Mazhar till A/13
4758 2006-WKP-220 Sadia Manzoor  Fail II,VI,VII,VIII
D/o Manzoor Hussain  till A/13
4759 2006-WKP-153 Shumaila Kanwal  Fail III,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Shafaqat Ali  till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Khan Pur (Female)
4760 06-WKP-185 Uzma Khurshid R.L Fee
D/o Khurshid Ahmed 
4761 06-WKP-246 Nayab Syed R.L Fee
D/o Syed Irshad Hussain
4762 05-WKP-151 Shumaila Maqsood  R.L Fee
D/o Haji Maqsood Ahmed
4763 05-WKP-360 Yasmeen Rashid  R.L Fee
D/o Rashid Ahmed
4764 04-WKP-90 Bushra Saleem R.L Fee
 D/o Muhammad Saleem 
4765 07-WKP-225 Qurat-ul-Ain  R.L Fee
D/o Ayyaz Ahmad
4766 06-WKP-288 Assma Ashraf  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Ashraf
4767 06-WKP-21 Munira Sana  R.L Fee
D/o Sana Ullah 
4768 09-IB.b-3166 Ayesha Nazeer  R.L Fee
D/o Nazeer Ahmed
4769 02-WKP-118 Mona Riaz R.L Fee
 D/o Riaz Ahmed
4770 07-WKP-351 Hafsa Waheed  Fail II,VI,VII,VIII
D/o Waheed Ahmad till A/13
4771 07-WKP-245 Yasmeen Khan  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,X,XII(ii)
D/o Khadam Hussain  till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Khan Pur (Male)
4772 06-KP-193 Hafiz Mohammad Shahzad Anjum  Pass 532 Second
S/o Jam Zahoor Ahmad 
4773 07-KP-227 Farhan Akbar  Fail VII
S/o Muhammad Akbar till A/13
4774 09-IB.b-3515 Rana Waqas Ahmed  Pass 587 Second
S/o Rana Nisar Ahmed
4775 06-SA-76 Muhammad Hasnain Shah  Pass 537 Second
S/o Khadim Hussain Shah
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College Khan Pur (Male)
4776 07-IB.b-2520 Zahid Hussain  Fail VI,VIII
S/o Haji Muhammad Ramzan  till A/13
4777 05-KP-86 Shafiq Ahmad  Fail VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
S/o Noor Muhammad  till A/13
4778 08-IB.b-3458 Muhammad Yousuf  Fail II,VIII
S/o Muhammad Rafique  till A/13
4779 05-KP-95 Waqar Hussain  Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII,,XI
S/o Abdul Majeed till A/13
4780 07-KP-265 Mohammad Sajjad Fail VIII
 S/o Abdul Wahid till A/13
4781 09-IB.b-3615 Shahid Mehmood  Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
S/o Habib Ullah  till A/13
4782 01-KP-76 Gulam Fareed  Absent
S/o Ahmed Hassan
4783 09-IB.b-3504 Muhammad Wasim  Fail III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
S/o Muhammad Younis  till A/13
4784 06-KP-344 Sabir Ali Rao Fail III,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,
 S/o Haji Mehdi Hassan  till A/13
4785 06-KP-45 Muhammad Zahid Amin  Fail VII
S/o Muhammad Amin  till A/13
4786 2002-KP-55 Arif Shahid   Pass 525 Second
S/o Samuel Nawab
4787 Chaudhry Aamer Rashid Wahla  R.L Registration
S/o Rashid Ahmed Wahla
4788 07-KP-203 Munawar Rafique  Pass 536 Second
S/o Muhammad Rafique 
Iqra Post Graduate College For Women Sadik Abad (Female)
4789 06-WSD-312 Humera Nayab  R.L Fee
D/o Muhammad Boota 
4790 07-WSD-147 Rukhshandah Zafar  Pass 611 Second
D/o Zafar Iqbal 
4791 07-WSD-12 Noreen Shafiq  Fail VII
D/o Muhammad Shafiq till A/13
4792 07-WR-527 Irem Amin  Fail II
D/o Muhammad Amin  till A/13
4793 06-WSD-55 Ayesha Khurshid Fail VII
 D/o Khurshid Ahmad till A/13
4794 07-WSD-22 Shaista Jabeen  Pass 527 Second
D/o Jumma Khan
4795 07-IWS-116 Maria Mustafa  Fail VIII
D/o Ghulam Mustafa  till A/13
4796 07-IWS-124 Zaineb Batool  Fail VII
D/o Anwar Hussain till A/13
4797 07-IB.b-1913 Zahida Gull  Fail III,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Habib till A/13
4798 07-WSD-215 Numra Iram  Fail VI,VIII
D/o Shahid Irshad till A/13
4799 07-IWS-186 Anam Aziz  Pass 520 Second
D/o Abdul Aziz 
4800 07-WSD-101 Hafiza Saba Imdad  Fail II,III,VI,VII
D/o Rana Imdad Ali  till A/13
4801 07-WSD-279 Saima Afzal Fail VI
 D/o Muhammad Afzal  till A/13
4802 04-IWS-23 Sadia Mehmood  Pass 616 Second
D/o Mehmood Bukhsh
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Iqra Post Graduate College For Women Sadik Abad (Female)
4803 05-SVB-40 Noreen Javed  Fail XI,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Javed  till A/13
4804 07-WSD-35 Narjis Fatimah  Pass 547 Second
D/o Matloob Hussain 
4805 07-WSD-330 Saima Kausar  Pass 533 Second
D/o Nazir Ahmad
4806 07-IWS-170 Zaira Javeed  Fail VII
D/o Javeed Iqbal  till A/13
4807 07-WSD-21 Bushra Naz  Pass 529 Second
D/o Ghulam Qadir
4808 07-WSD-19 Samina Nazir  Fail III,IV,V,VI
D/o Nazir Ahmad till A/13
4809 07-WSD-137 Naila Anam  Fail V,VIII,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Abdullah  till A/13
4810 07-WSD-123 Asma Noreen  Fail II,III,V,VI,VII,XII(ii)
D/o Bashir Ahmed till A/13
4811 07-NICR-54 Parveen Khaleel  Fail V,VII,VIII
D/o Khaleel Ahmad till A/13
4812 07-IWS-127 Maria Maqsood  Pass 580 Second
D/o Maqsood Ahmad
4813 07-WSD-08 Aqsa Nazeer  Pass 650 Second
D/o Nazeer Ahmad
4814 07-IWS-175 Ayesha Saddiqa  Pass 524 Second
D/o Muhammad Ashraf
4815 07-IWS-173 Fakeha Ayyub  Fail III,VII,VIII,IX,X
D/o Chaudhary Ayyub Akhtar till A/13
4816 06-WSD-404 Sania Tariq Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI
 D/o Muhammad Tariq  till A/13
Iqra Post Graduate College For Women Sadik Abad (Female)
4817 07-IWS-05 Sundas Muhammad Deen  Pass 628 Second
D/o Muhammad Deen
4818 06-WSD-428 Misbah Mubeen Pass 548 Second
 D/o Mian Abdul Wakeel 
4819 07-IWS-112 Ayesha Sharif  Fail III
D/o Muhammad Sharif  till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4820 2007-WR-167 Naheed Rana  Pass 600 Second
D/o Rana Muhammad Yaqoob Khan 
4821 2007-WR-368 Sumera Saleem  Pass 544 Second
D/o Muhammad Saleem 
4822 07-WR-265 Nabila Shabir  Pass 536 Second
D/o Shabir Ahmad
4823 07-WR-707 Bushra Abdul Khaliq  Fail VII
D/o Abdul Khaliq  till A/13
4824 07-WR-624 Shagufta Habib  Pass 554 Second
D/o Jam Habib Ullah 
4825 07-WR-662 Shazma Ayoub Fail III,VII
 D/o Muhammad Ayoub till A/13
4826 2006-WR-12 Iram Aslam  Pass 526 Second
D/o Muhammad Aslam
4827 09-IB.b-3162 Yasmin Khan  R.L.A II
D/o Habib Khan 
4828 2007-WR-193 Mariam Aslam  Fail VII
D/o Muhammad Aslam till A/13
4829 06-WR-560 Nasira Liquat  Fail VII,VIII
D/o Liaquat Ali  till A/13
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4830 07-NICR-02 Saliha Virk  Fail VII,VIII
D/o Tariq Saeed  till A/13
4831 2007-WR-522 Samiya Fiaz  Pass 482 Third
D/o Muhammad Fiaz Elahi Rana
4832 07-WR-311 Kanwal Masood  Fail VIII,XI
D/o Masood Ahmad till A/13
4833 2007-WR-373 Sobia Aftikhar  Fail III,IV,V,VIII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Rao Aftikhar Ali till A/13
4834 06-WR-449 Assia Tabassum  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Mian Muhammad Hussain till A/13
4835 07-WR-605 Mahreen Mustafa  Fail II,III,VI,VIII,VIII,XI
D/o Ghulam Mustafa till A/13
4836 07-WR-841 Ghulam Zainab  Fail IV,VI,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Abdul Aziz till A/13
4837 07-WR-664 Sehrish Khan  Pass 506 Second
D/o Jind Wadda
4838 07-WR-358 Naila Yasmeen  Fail VI,VIII
D/o Abdul Khaliq till A/13
4839 07-WR-188 Hafsa Aslam  Pass 628 Second
D/o Muhammad Aslam
4840 07-WR-713 Tahira Khanam Pass 633 Second
 D/o Mehboob Ali Khan
4841 07-WKP-974 Saira Ashraf  Fail IV,VII,VIII,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Ashraf Warraich till A/13
4842 07-WR-267 Afshan Naz Fail II,III,IV,V,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
 D/o Muhammad Azam  till A/13
4843 09-IB.b-4095 Fozia Mahmood  Fail III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
 D/o Mahmood ul Hassan till A/13
4844 07-IB.b-1709 Aisha Parveen  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Ali Sher till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4845 06-WR-208 Sadia Iqbal  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,X,
D/o Muhammad Iqbal  till A/13
4846 07-AFCR-51 Asia Kousar  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VIII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Zulfqar Ali  till A/13
4847 07-AFCR-39 Madiha Ramzan  Fail VI,VII,XI
D/o Muhammad Ramzan till A/13
4848 07-WR-583 Najma Ilyas  Fail VII,VIII
D/o Muhammad Ilyas till A/13
4849 06-WKP-479 Khadija Khalid  Fail II,IV,VI,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Khalid Mehmood Shahid till A/13
4850 07-WR-246 Uzma Hussain  Fail IV,XI
D/o Rana Muhammad Hussain  till A/13
4851 04-WR-286 Sania Batool  Pass 598 Second
D/o Abdul Wajid Shah
4852 07-WKP-341 Fakhra Ahmad  Fail VIII,XI
D/o Ahmed Hussain  till A/13
4853 07-WR-709 Sehrish Naz  Pass 504 Second
D/o Ghazanfar Ali 
4854 2006-WR-230 Saba Azam  Fail VIII,XI,
D/o Muhammad Azam  till A/13
4855 06-WR-431 Afia Imtiaz  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Imtiaz Ali  till A/13
4856 07-WR-384 Tahira Zia  Fail IV,VII,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Zia-ul-Haq Zahid  till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College For Women Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4857 07-WR-383 Rabia Aziz  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Khalid Hameed Khan  till A/13
4858 07-WR-833 Sara Jabbar Qureshi  Fail II,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Abdul Jabbar Qureshi till A/13
4859 07-WR-342 Marrium Yasmeen  Pass 528 Second
D/o Inayat Ali 
4860 8-IB.b-2863 Farzana Ismail  Pass 532 Second
D/o Muhammad Ismail Nadeem
NICE Degree College Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4861 07-PCSR-09 Sana Rasheed  Pass 603 Second
D/o Rasheed Akhter 
4862 08-IB.b-3000 Amara Rasheed  R.L.A II
D/o Rasheed Ahmad
4863 Neelum Shabbir  R.L Registration
D/o Ghulam Shabbir Bajwa
4864 07-WR-537 Aneela Javed Pass 546 Second
 D/o Javed Akhter 
4865 06-WR-477 Sundas Shafqat  Fail VI
D/o Shafqat Ali  till A/13
4866 2006-WR-533 Ayesha Afzal  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,IX,X
D/o Muhammad Afzal  till A/13
4867 00-WR-481 Arshia Majeed  Absent
D/o Abdul Majeed
4868 07-WR-203 Asia Arshad  Fail VI
D/o Muhammad Arshad till A/13
4869 07-NIACR-92 Salahia Irshad Fail III,VI,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Irshad ul Haq till A/13
4870 05-WR-274 Misbah Shoukat  Fail III,VIII
D/o Shoukat Ali till A/13
4871 03-WR-401 Sumaira Majeed  Fail II,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Abdul Majeed till A/13
NICAAS Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4872 02-IB.b-1632 Fozia Sharif  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Sharif  till A/13
4873 03-WR-385 Samina Sharif  Fail IV,VIII
D/o Muhammad Sharif  till A/13
4874 09-IB.b-3054 Sobia Noreen  Pass 583 Second
D/o Muhammad Ali 
4875 05-NIACR-70 Nazia Bashir Pass 540 Second
 D/o Bashir Ahmad
4876 06-NIACR-41 Zainab Javaid Pass 577 Second
 D/o Muhammad Javaid Anam
4877 2004-NICR-65 Misbah Iram   Pass 610 Second
D/o Muhammad Asghar 
4878 08-IB.b-2885 Saira Saleem Pass 602 Second
 D/o Saleem Ahmed 
4879 2007-WR-207 Maria Qadri  Fail VI,VIII
D/o Nazir Ahmed till A/13
4880 05-WR-108 Mehar-un-Nisa  Pass 627 Second
D/o Abdul Sattar
4881 07-WR-753 Hafza Aysha Anwar  Pass 564 Second
D/o Muhammad Anwar Nizami
4882 07-WR-205 Sidra Zulfiqar Ali  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Zulfiqar Ali  till A/13
4883 06-WR-503 Farzana Kouser  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Hussain till A/13
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
NICAAS Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Male)
4884 01-KFR-219 Mushraf Hussain  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Gul Muhammad  till A/13
Kh. Farid Govt Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4885 2007-WR-394 Shumaila Naz  Fail III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Latif Tahir till A/13
4886 06-WR-289 Musarrat Farzana  Fail IV,V,VI,VIII,X,
D/o Shabbir Ahmad Akhtar till A/13
4887 07-WR-322 Fasiha Ishfaq  Fail V,VIII,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Ishfaq Sabir till A/13
4888 03-WR-459 Rakhshanda  Pass 564 Second
D/o Christopher John
4889 09-IB.b-3305 Mahreen Naz Fail II,III,IV,VI,VII,VII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
 D/o Muhammad Hanif  till A/13
4890 07-WR-599 Madiha Ijaz  Pass 488 Third
D/o Ijaz Ahmad
4891 07-WR-208 Asma Mukhtar  Fail IX,XII(i)
D/o Ch.Mukhtar Ahmad till A/13
4892 05-WR-342 Sadaf Rafique  Fail IV,V,VI,VII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Rafique Tahir till A/13
4893 07-WR-433 Nabeela Shahid  Fail IX
D/o Shahid Farooq  till A/13
4894 06-WR-253 Sobia Noreen  Pass 495 Second
D/o Abdul Khaliq
4895 07-WR-12 Kiran Shahzadi  Fail II,IV,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI
D/o Muhammad Akram  till A/13
4896 06-WR-296 Fatima Habib Pass 558 Second
 D/o Muhammad Habib
4897 05-WR-650 Sarah Barkat  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Samson Barkat till A/13
4898 Faiza Mahmood  R.L Registration
D/o Mahmood Khan
4899 07-WR-331 Sadaf Mahmood  Fail V,IX
D/o Mahmood Ahmed Nadeem till A/13
4900 07-NIACR-80 Sehar Naureen  Pass 625 Second
D/o Muhammad Ramzan
Kh. Farid Govt Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4901 06-WR-146 Fozia Maqbool  Fail III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Maqbool Ahmed till A/13
4902 09-IB.b-3253 Asma Afzal  Fail VIII
D/o Muhammad Afzal  till A/13
4903 07-WR-292 Iqra Islam  Fail V,VI,VIII,IX,XII(i)
D/o Abdul Salam  till A/13
4904 07-WR-332 Asma Noreen  Fail III,VIII
D/o Ghulam Hussain till A/13
4905 06-WR-287 Neelam Shahzadi Fail IX
 D/o Muhammad Afzal  till A/13
4906 07-WR-755 Hafiza Safia Ishaq  Fail VI,VIII
D/o Muhammad Ishaq till A/13
4907 07-WR-413 Sajida Parveen  Fail VI,VIII,IX
D/o Saeed Ahmad till A/13
4908 07-WR-441 Ghazal Saif  Fail III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
D/o Saif-ul-Allah till A/13
4909 07-WR-598 Tahreem Riaz  Fail VII,IX,X,XII(i)
D/o Muhammad Riaz till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Kh. Farid Govt Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Female)
4910 07-WR-557 Anaum Bashir  Fail III,VII,XII(i)
D/o Bashir Ahmad Shad till A/13
4911 Aqsa Kareem  R.L Registration
D/o Fazal Kareem
Kh. Farid Govt Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan (Male)
4912 08-IB.b-3327 Naseeb Ahmad  Absent
S/o Ghulam Farid Sabir
4913 09-IB.b-3957 Sultan Mahmood  Fail IV,V,VIII,XII(i)
S/o Sadiq Hussain  till A/13
4914 06-KFR-48 Muhammad Shahbaz Umar  Pass 585 Second
S/o Muhammad Umar Khan
4915 2007-KFR-313 Babar Ali Fail III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
S/o Manzoor Hussain  till A/13
4916 07-KFR-317 Muhammad Majid Khan  Fail VI,VII,VIII
S/o Muhammad Khalid Khan till A/13
4917 07-SD-17 Muhammad Irfan Saleem  Fail III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
S/o Muhammad Saleem till A/13
4918 07-KFR-266 Akbar Hussain  Absent
S/o Allah Bukhsh 
4919 2007-KFR-369 Aneel Khan Fail V,VI,VII,X,XII(i)
 D/o Abdul Majeed till A/13
4920 09-IB.b-4004 Waris Ali  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Muhammad Ijaz till A/13
4921 07-KFR-569 Jawad Ahmad  Pass 607 Second
S/o Zulfiqar Ahmad
4922 05-NIMB-12 Irfan Anwar  Fail III,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,XII(i)
S/o Muhammad Anwar till A/13
4923 2007-KFR-440 Muhammad Zahid Naveed  Fail V,IX,X
S/o Abdul Sattar till A/13
4924 406-KFR-348 Qasim Riaz  Fail II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XII(i)
S/o Muhammad Riaz till A/13
4925 05-KFR-83 Muhammad Iqbal  Fail III,IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX,XII(i)
S/o Karim Bux till A/13
4926 06-KPR-481 Saad Aslam  Fail IV,VII,X,XII(i)
S/o Mian Muhammad Aslam till A/13
4927 06-SA-60 Muhammad Shahid Bashir  Fail III,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(i)
S/o Bashir Ahmed till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Bahawalngar (Female)
4928 04-WBN-285 Basharat Jahan Fail II,III,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(ii)
D/o Shahjahan Haider Gorgani till A/13
4929 2006-WBN-112 Ammara Aslam Shakir Fail II,X,XII(ii)
D/o Muhammad Aslam Shakir till A/13
4930 Cancelled
Quaid -e-Azam Poast Graduate College Hasilpur. (Female)
4931 06-WHP-253 Sumaira Jubin Fail II,III,X
D/o Mohammad Tariq till A/13
Govt Post Graduate College Baghdad Road Bahawalpur (Female)
4932 2002-WST-35 Farzana Zafar Fail VII,VIII,X
D/o Muhammad Zafar till A/13
4933 07-IB.b-2815 Lubna Shahzady Fail VII,VIII
D/o Abdul Majeed till A/13
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
Govt Post Graduate College Baghdad Road Bahawalpur (Male)
4934 05-SA-124 Muhammad Asif Pass 512 Second
S/o Muhammad Murad
Govt S.E College Bahawalpur (Female)
4935 07-WST-95 Musarrat Kalsoom R.L Fee
D/o Mohammad Hussain
Assistant  Controller of Examinations                                     Controller of Examinations
BAHAWALPUR.                                                           The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Dated: 21-02-2012
Prepared by: Faisal Bajwa Checked by: Sh. Muhammad Iqbal