The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Examinations Department
Result Notification No.05/M.A Islamic Studies Ist-A/ 2011
 It is hereby notified that the result of  following Regular College Candidates of Master of  Arts  
(Final / Comprehensive)  First Annual Examination , 2011 held in August/September 2011 in the 
  Subject of Islamic Studies has been declared as under:-  
                        Maximum Marks = 1000
                        First Division = 600 Marks or more
                        Second Division = 450 Marks or more
                        Third Division = Below 450 marks
                          Minimum Pass Marks   40%
                        Total Candidates appeared = 29
                        Total Candidates Passed = 26
                          Pass Persentage = 89.65%
Note:-  This notification is issued as a notice only.Errors and omissions excepted.An entry appearing in it 
does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of proper certificate/degree 
which will be issued under the regulations in due course. 
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div
5501 06-WSD-13 Madeeha Iram Fail IX(i).  
D/o Khursheed Alam Ist-A/13.
5502 06-WSD-187 Asia Younas Pass 615                           First.
D/o Hafiz Muhammad Younas
5503 07-WSD-16 Hina Kanwal Pass 658                          First.
D/o Fazal Ahmad
5504 07-IWS-154 Sobia Akhtar Pass 590                           Second.
D/o Muhammad Ishaq
5505 06-IWS-123 Sofia Ashraf Pass 614                           First.
D/o Muhammad Ashraf Tahir
5506 06-WSD-119 Samara Nazir Pass 703                           First.
D/o Nazir Ahmed
5507 06-WSD-189 Syeda Madiha Qurat-Ul-Ain Pass 605                           First.
D/o Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah
5508 07-IWS-143 Sadia Qamer  Pass 566                           Second.
D/o Muhammad Ramzan
5509 05-WSD-346 Noreen Afzal Pass 649                           First.
D/o Muhammad Afzal
5510 07-IWS-152 Sidra Rehman Durrani Pass 698                           First.
Abdul Rehman Durrani
5511 04-WSD-93 Farhana Shoukat  Pass 585                           Second.
D/o Rana Shoukat Hayyat
5512 09-IWS-256 Sadia Khatoon Fail VI,IX(i).
D/o Muhammad Ashraf Arain Ist-A/13.
5513 07-IWS-30 Sadaf Abdul Razaq Pass 631                           First.
D/o Hafiz Abdul Razaq
5514 05-WSD-368 Sumaira Saddiq Pass 678                           First.
D/o Muhammad Saddiq
5515 06-WSD-51 Sumaira Mumtaz Pass 688                           First.
D/o Mumtaz Ahmad
5516 07-IWS-111 Zahra Qazi Pass 771                           First.
D/o Muhammad Asaad Qazi
5517 06-IWS-14 Maimoona Javaid Pass 600                           First.
D/o Muhammad Javaid
Prepared By…Syed Akraam Galani Checked by...............
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div
5518 06-WSD-386 Saba Younas  Pass 581                           Second.
D/o Sheikh Muhammad Younas
5519 06-WSD-393 Mubeen Akhtar Pass 629                           First.
D/o Ghulam Nabi
5520 07-IWS-163 Hafiza Asma Ghafar Pass 604                           First.
D/o Abdul Ghafar
5521 07-NICR-29 Hira Mushtaq  Pass 621                           First.
D/o Mushtaq Shah
5522 07-IWS-145 Sadia Akram  Pass 624                           First.
D/o Muhammad Akram
5523 07-WSD-90 Sadia Sattar Pass 655                           First.
D/o Abdul Sattar
5524 05-WSD-71 Iffat Parveen Pass 659                           First.
D/o Ghulam Mustafa
5525 04-WR-117 Fazeelat Faiz  Pass 634                           First.
D/o Faiz-Ul- Hussan
5526 07-WSD-115 Saba Ashraf Fail X(i).
D/o Muhammad Ashraf Ist-A/13.
5527 06-WSD-317 Sumia Nazir  Pass 689                           First.
D/o Nazir Ahmed
5528 04-WSD-176 Adila Murtaza Pass 600                           First.
D/o Ghulam Murtaza
5529 07-WSD-349 Madeeha Habib Pass 651                           First.
D/o Muhammad Habib
Assistant Controller of Examinations                          Controller of Examinations
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