The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Examinations Department
Result Notification No.  06 /M.A.Political Science(Composite) II-A 2010
It is hereby notified that the result of  following PRIVATE  Candidates of Master of  Arts  
(External/Comprehensive /Composite/L.U.C./L.C.C.) Second Annual Examination , 2010
 held in March / April, 2011 in the subject of Political Science has been declared as under :-
                        Maximum Marks = 1100
                        First Division = 660 Marks or more
                        Second Division = 495 Marks or more
                        Third Division = Below 495 marks
                          Minimum Pass Marks   40%
                        Total Candidates appeared = 06  
                        Total Candidates Passed = 01
                          Pass Persentage = 16.66%  
Note:-  This notification is issued as a notice only.Errors and omissions excepted.An entry appearing in it 
does not in itself confer any right or privilege independently to the grant of proper certificate/degree 
which will be issued under the regulations in due course. 
Roll No. Regd: No. Name of the candidate Result Marks obtd:Paper/s to reappear&period/Div  
16601 06-KFR-289 Ghulam Nabi  Fail VII,VIII,IX
S/o Qaim Din  A/12
16602 04-KFR-364 Shabir Ahmad  Fail V,VI,VII,VIII
S/o Karam Khan A/12
16603 06-IB.b-257 Affan Ali Khan Baloch Fail IV,VIII
S/o Umer Ali Khan Baloch A/12
16604 06-KFR-251 Muhammad Waseem  Pass 526 Second
S/o Nabi Bux
16605 04-KFR-408 Shabbir Ahmad Fail III,V,VI,VII
S/o Muhammad Abdullah  A/11
16606 04-KFR-323 Muhammad Yaqoob Fail II,III,VI,VII,VIII
S/o Muhammad Shafi A/11
Deputy Controller of Examinations                            Controller of Examinations
BAHAWALPUR.                                                The Islamia University of Bahawalpur