Faculty Profile

Dr. Abdul Sattar Khan


The Department of Geography was established in 1986. It is providing facilities in the major branches of Physical, Human and Applied Geography. The Department has produced graduates, who are playing a pivotal role in regional and social planning as well as decision and policy making of the Country.
Presently the Department is offering MSc (Morning & Evening) and MPhil programs including new diploma courses in Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS & RS). The Department aims to be a choice for studies of earth as the home of humanity Such studies need to integrate knowledge from a wide range of sciences and consequently required two conditions: access to specialists whose collective interests span both human and physical dimensions of the earth system and infrastructure that supports information-rich, computationally-based investigation. Studies of the earth system inevitably require access to vast stores of information in the form of raw data, and of accumulated scholarly knowledge.
Department of Geography succeeded in developing strong international links with Australia, Japan and Austria. Two projects are being worked out currently in the department, one is UrWamaZ; in collaboration with Salzburg University Austria dealing with the water management issues, and the second project is with the Government of Punjab, primarily dealing with GIS. Development of industrial linkages shows the practical implementation of the subject. The mission of Department is not only to increase the market value of its graduates but also to upgrade it through high quality research in the field of Geography.