Faculty Profile

Munir Ahmed


Persian is a language having several thousand years old tradition of literature which reflects the cultural heritage and history of Central Asia in particular and subcontinent in general.
This Department is running three programs successfully i.e. MA, MPhil and PhD. There are five faculty members in the department, of which three are assistant professors and two are lecturers. Three out of five faculty members are PhD, rest of the two teachers are writing their PhD dissertations. The department of Persian has awarded four PhD and 15 MPhil degrees so far. All the faculty members are well trained in computer and use audio visual aids as well as power point to teach the students. The courses of all programs are designed in such a way that the students, after completing these courses, will be able to understand various aspects of Persian language & literature.
The Department is playing a vital role in promoting and spreading Persian language which can act as a bridge between two countries Pakistan and Iran. Our mission is to revive the glory of Persian language which is a store house of immense literary and philosophical literature.