Faculty Profile

Dr. M.A.Majid Makki


The Department of Commerce offers learning opportunities to the individuals who are seeking careers in dynamic business environment. Every year, more than 400 students from all over the country join us to revitalize their wisdom and exposure related to economic and business issues. We focus on the development of individual management skills and their practical application. enhance exposure, to the latest business practices, expand knowledge frontiers, develop individual management skills and learn to apply developed competencies in the success of their prospective employers.
Commerce department prepares the students keeping in view the changing demands of local, regional and global marketplace by engaging them in a congenial research oriented environment that fosters personal and professional development, encourages participation, interaction and refines their approach to decision making, managing people and resources. We feel professional responsibility to produce versatile managers, accountant, entrepreneurs and business persons who are able to lead the nation through their unmatched leadership qualities and scientific decision making skills. The department of commerce has been instrumental in providing students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the changing business complexities and environment.
All of our programs are structured on team based interactive learning, class room lectures, presentations, case studies, field visits and research reports. Seminars and workshops on current economic & business issues are usually organized in the department. Our method of study not only develops students individually but also prepares them to accept future challenges in the fast growing corporate world. It is for these reasons that our degree holders have been well received by the national and international commercial enterprises.