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Annual Activity Calendar for 2021-22



Tentative Date

Progress against Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)

Self IPE

  1. Preparing of UPR as per FY2021-22




15 Nov- 15 Dec 2021


  1. IPE Meeting

January 2022

  1. Preparation of Implementation plan of Self IPE


  1. Follow up against implementation plan

As per planned activities in implementation plan

Progress against Program Self-Assessment

  1. Selection of left-over Departments for SA exercise from all campuses 

15 Oct, 2021

  1. Orientation sessions for PTs members
  1. Bahawalpur campus
  2. Rahim yar Khan campus
  3. BahawalNagar campus


October- November 2021


iii. QEC team visit to Evaluate College Portfolio reports (UPRs) of affiliated Colleges

November- December 2021

  1. Assessment Team (AT) Visits against submitted SARs of all campuses

January- February 2022

  1. Follow up of Implementation plans submitted against SARs and College Portfolio reports (CPRs) of affiliated Colleges

March – 30 June 2022

  1. Consolidated analysis report on following of 2019-21 and measures taken to address the findings of;
  1. Students’ satisfaction survey
  2. Course Evaluation
  3. Teacher’s Evaluations
  4. Graduating and alumni survey
  5. employers survey
  6. Course evaluation by Teacher’s







February -April 2022



  1. Preparation of list of all programs offered at university Main Campus, Sub Campuses and affiliated college that fall under purview of any Accreditation Council

Oct, 2021





Dec, 2021

  1. Orientation sessions for all such programs which required accredited/reaccredited from the respective council.

Ph. D. Program Review and MS/M. Phil & Equivalent Program Review

  1. Updating of data related to all MS/ M.Phil./Equivalent and Ph.D. programs as per the given templates

Nov, 2021

  1. Conduct PhD Program Review and MS/M. Phil & Equivalent Program Self Review
  2. Launching of New PhD Programs and MS/M. Phil & Equivalent Programs after October, 2013


  1. Submit compliance report to HEC

20 June, 2022

Functioning of QEC Secretariat

Strengthening of QEC setup at Sub campuses and affiliated Colleges

June, 2022

Implementation of HEC(QA) Polices and criteria’s

Implementation of all QA policies directed by HEC & PHEC

Time to Time as & when required

Ranking of the University

Participation in Times Higher Education, Subject Ranking, Impact Rankings, UI Greenmetric and QS Rankings

As per provided timeline by concerned ranking agency

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