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Convocation formDownload files list. 

Tentative Seniority List of Assistants (BPS-16) for Selection as Administrative Officers (BPS-17)Download
Tentative Seniority List of Senior Clerks (BPS-14) for Selection as Assistants (BPS-16)Download
Tentative Seniority List of Junior Clerks (BPS-11) for Selection as Senior Clerks (BPS-14)Download
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur - ACT 1975Download
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur - ACT 1975 [Urdu]Download
Budget 2015Download
Budget 2014Download
Business PlanDownload
Institutional Performance Evaluation ReportDownload
Download Expert Refree Nomination FormDownload
Employee Registration Form [DOC]Download
Employee Registration Form [PDF]Download
Admission Form M.Com(Comman)Download
Income CertificateDownload
Kinship FormDownload
Merit ScholarshipDownload
Needy ScholarshipDownload
Position HolderDownload
Employee Vehicle Sticker FormDownload
Transport Requisition FormDownload
Bus Request FormDownload
Employee ID Card FormDownload
Student ID Card FormDownload
Medical Bill FormDownload
Scholarship Queen Mary FormDownload
Information Turnitin (MS Word)Download
Information Turnitin (PDF)Download
Email Request FormDownload
FDP PerformaDownload
FDP Application FormDownload
NTS FormDownload
Roll No SlipDownload
Country ListDownload
NOC Form [Employee]Download
APPLICATION FORM FOR MIGRATION (Uni to Uni / IUB Campus to Campus)/Affiliated College to College) with applying ScheduleDownload
TA DA Form (DOC)Download
TA DA Form (PDF)Download
House Allotment FormDownload
Joining Report Performa for IUB EmployeeDownload
Leave Application Form [PDF]Download
Leave Application Form [Doc]Download
Download Research ListDownload
Net Policy FormDownload
Download New Microsoft MSDN formDownload
CMS ID SchemeDownload
Course CodeDownload
CMS Complaint FormDownload
Download Self Assissment ManualDownload
Teaching (MS Word)Download
Non-Teaching (MS Word)Download
Clearance Form [Employee]Download
Faculty Information Form for WebsiteDownload
Adminssion Form LL.B. Part-IDownload
Bank Challan (LL.B)Download
Urgent Degree FormDownload
Urgent/Duplicate/Detained DegreeDownload
Application for Re-checking of the Answer Books or compilation of the ResultDownload
Registered Graduate FormsDownload
Affiliation Performa for Govt CollegesDownload
Affiliation Proforma for Private InstitutionsDownload
Cisico Application FormDownload
Arabic Language FormDownload
Alumni Association Membership FormDownload
Guest Room Requisition FormDownload
Request for Purchase / Issuance of Store ItemDownload
Teacher Evaluation by StudentsDownload
Course Evaluation by StudentsDownload
Faculty course review report by faculty membersDownload
Admission Form LL.B. Part-IIDownload
Job Application form for Daily WagesDownload
Graduates of a University other than the IUBDownload
MA MSc Admission FormDownload
Civil Awards - 2020 (Recommendation Form)Download
Civil Awards - 2020 (Quantified Criteria)Download
Tentative Seniority List of Counter ClerksDownload
Admission Form for Associate Degree Program in Arts Part-IDownload
Admission Form for Associate Degree Program in Science Part-IDownload
University Registration Form for Private StudentsDownload
LLB 5 Years Admission FormDownload
Clearance form for IUB StudentsDownload
Admission Form for Associate Degree Program in Arts (Private Candidates)Download
Admission Form for Associate Degree Program in Science (Private Candidates)Download
Reimbursement of Medicines Outdoor/HospitalizationDownload
IUB Employee Bio Data FormDownload
Application Form for Correction/Change/Spelling of NameDownload
Application Form for Fees RefundDownload
IT Equipment / other Issuance PerformaDownload
Registration Form for 18 th Convocation of the UniversityDownload
Application Form for Bonafide CertificateDownload
Application Form for Equivalence CertificateDownload
Application Form for NOC/Migration CertificateDownload

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