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Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

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Welcome to Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. I am honored to serve as the faculty's dean and to be leading our efforts in Veterinary Medical Education, Patient Care, Community Outreach and Research, as we move our faculty forward in all of these key mission areas. 
Our aim is to contribute to the economic developments in South Punjab by providing quality education, advancing research and serving the community through excellent diagnostics, clinical care and shared learning. Through support of our strong research-intensive faculty and the University, we are able to continue to provide the best learning experiences for our students in professional degree programs to address the problems that directly affect our region.
The faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is positioned to be a leader in “One Health “as well to address research health disparities across the region. Currently, we are working towards providing answers to important questions about diseases that are similar in humans and animals or that move from animals to human population like Influenza and Tick-Borne illnesses. We have joined hands with Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Punjab for the establishment of FMD free zone in South Punjab to increase meat export of country. This will contribute to the economic uplift for the people of South Punjab.  
I am sure that with dedication and hard work, many of you will be able to successfully complete the degree program for which you have enrolled. During your study at faculty, you will be provided every possible support and guidance required for the completion of your degree program. I wish you a happy stay at the campus during entire period of your study at this institution. Feel free to contact me, if you have any problems relating to your stay, studies or personal nature. 
May ALLAH bless you all. 

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mansoor

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