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PEEF Master Level Scholarship


The PEEF allocated annual scholarship quota for Master's Level Education. These scholarships are awarded to talented and deserving students enrolled in partner universities. The minimum eligibility criteria for consideration of PEEF Master’s level scholarship is given below:

Eligibility Criteria

The students must have:

  1. Punjab domicile
  2. Secured at least 60% marks or a minimum CGPA 2.5 in BA/ BSc/ BCOM/ BS/ BBA etc. in annual examination held in last three years in Punjab.
  3. Secured admission as a fulltime student in the current academic year in a partner university
  4. Students enrolled in spring/fall session (where applicable) and morning/ afternoon / evening sessions (where applicable) are also eligible to apply for PEEF Master's scholarships.
  5. Declared monthly income of parents (from all sources) is equal to or less than PKR. 40,000/-
  6. Children of Government employees in BPS 1-4 are exempted from the condition of income, if salary is only source of income.
  7. Children of civilians martyred in terrorist attacks are also exempted from the condition of income limit
  8. Besides fulfilling PEEF eligibility criteria, the prospective student must qualify the merit and need criteria of the respective university.


Following students are not eligible for PEEF Master's level scholarship:

  1. Students who have already passed / got MA / MSc / MS / MPhil etc. degree
  2. Marks improvers or students who have passed examination in supplementary session
  3. Students who have passed the aforementioned examination with grace marks (*)
  4. Availing any other educational scholarship during the current academic year
  5. Beneficiary of Prime Minister Fee / any other fee reimbursement scheme / program

How to Apply

  1. The PEEF has allocated scholarship quotas to all the partner universities. The responsibility of advertisement/intimation, shortlisting & selection of students rests with the university.
  2. Prospective students may download the scholarship application form from PEEF website and submit the duly filled scholarship application form to respective university. The scholarship application forms can also be requested from the financial aid office of the respective university.
  3. Scholarship application forms can only be submitted to designated university offices. Forms send directly to PEEF shall not be entertained.

Disbursement of Scholarship Stipends

  1. The PEEF scholarship stipends are disbursed on biannual basis
  2. The next scholarship installment is released after the receipt of acknowledgement of the previous scholarship stipend and submission of satisfactory academic performance and scholar assessment report by the university / degree awarding institution.

Duration of the Scholarships

  1. The PEEF scholarships are awarded till the completion of the degree course the student is enrolled in. However, if the student fails to maintain the required / satisfactory academic performance level, or is involved in any disciplinary act; the University/ or the PEEF, reserve the right to cancel the scholarship.

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