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It is never too early or late to start learning and acquiring knowledge that is why the flexibility of distance learning makes it a popular and appealing option for the students who shows their eagerness for learning even if it is away from their academic institution and within the comfort of their homes. The 21st century educational planners have sufficient reasons to believe that in the fast-shrinking global village, by the year 2025, the walled campuses of universities will be replaced by online campuses. The modern digital technologies such as cell phones, internet, audio and video-conferencing and other satellite links have forced educationists to explore these technological resources for effective learning and to disseminate education both in horizontal and vertical dimensions of our existence. Various higher education institutions in the world have launched Open and Distance Learning to make their educational programs accessible to the people of distant parts of the world.

The Vice-Chancellor of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur has envisioned the Faculty of Online and Distance Education. The Faculty of online & Distance Education is a blend of his vision & wisdom to provide education to all. The Faculty of Online & Distance Education has taken the lead in preparing managers of tomorrow equipped with a divergent vision, blended with technology and life skills. It strives to create all-rounder leaders in education by helping its students to acquire the necessary skills. The Scheme of studies gives an excellent overall in-depth knowledge of course work to its learners. The university has a professionally qualified and experienced team of Faculty in the Faculty of Online and Distance Education which is dedicatedly and devoted to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and value through dynamic and interactive approaches of learning and grooming the students. Its programs are led by highly qualified faculty, and students receive the same excellent academic, training, and research opportunities with equal academic standards.

Currently a sub-department of this Faculty is the Institute of Distance Education offering BS (after 12 years education) & BS ADP (5th Semester) after 14 years education in various disciplines and Teacher training programs (B. Ed 1.5 Years in general and Special Education as well. More over Faculty of Online & Distance Education aims to extend its programs with variety in line to guidelines of HEC ODL policy for online and distance education.

Prof. Dr. Nasreen Akhtar

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