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Research Integrity

Faculty, staff and student of the University community engaging in research should adhere to the highest standard of ethics and Research Integrity. This is to ensure that the reputation of the University for scholarly integrity is preserved.

Research Integrity includes the rigour, care and accountability that are the hallmarks of good scholarship and is not merely the avoidance of wrongdoing. Research Misconduct by the University community, defined as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or other wrongdoing in proposing, designing, performing, recording, supervising or reviewing research, or in reporting research results is unacceptable and is grounds for disciplinary action.

Research Data Management Policy

There is a need to design and adopt policies on the management of research data, to ensure that valuable data are not lost. Such a policy also provides a basis to answer allegations of research misconduct or questions about the results obtained. It also assists in the protection of intellectual property and assures auditors and industry that robust academic supervision is in place. Correct data handling can also allow limited access to others for certain datasets (e.g. in large cohort studies).

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