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Examination Division

The Examinations Department is the backbone of any University. It plays a vital role in the functioning of a University. Examinations Department is dealing with around 120,000 students of private and affiliated colleges & 47000 in-campus students. Examinations Department is going to streamline, improve and automate its operations.

The Examinations Department conducts various examinations of in-campus and external students. The examinations and evaluation system of IUB contribute to making its degree a benchmark of quality education. The Examinations Department also ensures timely preparation of detailed marks certificates, transcripts, provisional certificates, and degrees of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University and its affiliated institutions. The entire work of the Examinations Department is performed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.

Syeda Zuriat ul Zahara
  Controller of Examinations 

Syeda Zuriat ul Zahra

Controller of Examinations


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