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The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is committed to provide financial assistance to the students from the less developed areas of Pakistan in general and Bahawalpur in particular, as a way to increase access to higher education. The University aims at fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders as a mean to raise funds for the needy students. The Directorate of Financial Assistance caters for the financial needs of the needy students of the poor and needy students and in the process has financed more than 20% of its students in various disciplines offered at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur through a number of need-based scholarships as well as rewarding high achieving students. Major scholarships available at the University include; HEC-Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program, HEC-Need Based Scholarship, Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme, Scottish Scholarship, Diya Scholarship, Khushi Scholarship, HEC-USAID Merit and Need Base Scholarship Program, The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarships, Bait-ul-Mal Scholarships, National Endowment Scholarship for Talent (NEST) by Ministry of Planning, and Mora Scholarship by Ministry of Religious Affairs. Moreover, the University also offers scholarships from its own resources, which include, Needy Fee Remission, Position Holder Fee Remission, and Orphan Fee Remission, Hafiz e Quran Fee Remission, Kinship Fee Remission, Fee Waiver Scholarship, and Special Scholarships for employees or for their families/dependents.

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