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Directorate of Culture and Heritage Research Center (CHRC)

Directorate of Culture and Heritage Research Center (CHRC)

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is establishing a Culture and Heritage Research Centre (CHRC) which will mainly focus on archaeological exploration, heritage conservation, recovery and interpretation of data and management of ancient sites, monuments and historical remains. Culture and Heritage Research Center (CHRC), will be the first of its kind Research center in south Punjab. The aim is to provide the career development of professionals in areas of archaeology, anthropology, heritage conservation, site management, cultural tourism and museum administration. Initially, institute is planning to provide fundamental courses and offer internship in cultural heritage and archaeology.CHRC will offer (Archaeology and Anthropology) BS (Hons), MS and PhD. degrees. The course on national heritage laws and regulations, international Conventions, Charters and Recommendations will be taught at the institute. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is going to establish a museum on campus named “Cholistan Heritage Museum” which provides a window to the past cultural developments from the Hakra Civilization to the local regional culture’s folklore.

Journal of Culture and Heritage Studies (jchs)

Core Objectives

  1. Conservation and preservation of built heritage remains, ancient sites and antiquities
  2. Project and Preserve history and Cultural Heritage
  3. Creation of museum, introducing Museum educational service and organizing exhibition and promote tourism and Culture.
  4. Exploration and excavation of heritage sites through interdisciplinary research in collaboration with faculty and scholars of other universities in Pakistan.
  5. Create database Exploration and Excavation Wing
  6. Promote Culture and Tourism in Southern Punjab and beyond
  7. Imparting education interpretation, design, and management of cultural heritage sites through geospatial techniques and restoration, for adaptive reuse of historic buildings, landscapes, and cultural artifacts.
  8. To organize Seminars /Conferences/Workshops/ lectures and publish research such as monographs, books, and research papers
  9. Study  and Document desert and nomadic life
  10. Increase employment opportunity.

Proposed Galleries of Museum

  1. Prehistoric Cultures and the Indus /Harappa Civilization
  2. Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jain History and Arts
  3. Islamic and Medieval History and Arts
  4. Sikhs and British History and Arts
  5. Cholistan and Rural Landscapes
  6. Folk Arts and Traditions
  7. Khwaja Ghulam Famed Gallery of Religions' and Spiritual Heritage
  8. (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, and Saraiki /Punjabi manuscripts)
  9. Pakistan movement Gallery and Numismatic Gallery
  10. Children s' Gallery (integral to Museum Educational Service)
  11. Reference Library of books, digital archives

Team Members

  1. Engr. Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob (TI)
    Vice Chancellor and Patron in Chief
  2. Prof. Dr. Shazia Anjum
    Director CHRC
  3. Dr. Khalil Ahmad
    Additional Director (CHRC)
  4. Mr. Waqar Mushtaq
    Associate Lecturer
  5. Mr. Moazzam Khan Durrani

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