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Quality enhancement mechanisms play critical role in development of modern organizations. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan established Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in 2005 to facilitate establishment and functioning of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in all HEIs in Pakistan with the aim to promote, enhance and assure the quality of higher education.

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur established its Quality Enhancement Cell in December, 2007 to fulfill its commitment of providing affordable quality education. QEC works to implement the policies and Internal Quality Assurance criteria recommended by National Quality Assurance Committee. This includes performing Institutional Performance Assessment, preparing Implementation Plans, facilitating Program Reviews and Accreditation process in addition to arranging other quality improvement activities for staff and students.

QEC not only strives for implementing Quality Assurance measures but also introducing Quality Enhancement measures at IUB

  • Self-Assessment Reports (SARs)
  • Teachers Training & Development
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Review by Academic Audit Committee
  • Teachers’ Portfolios
  • Students’ Portfolios

Prof. Dr. M. Asadullah Madni, PhD


To make quality enhancement mechanism of IUB competitive with standards of top ranked international educational institutions.


To achieve internationally recognized quality standards of higher education for IUB by developing and implementing internal quality assurance policies, capacity building of departments, faculty and students, automating the assessment processes and collaborating with international bodies.


  • Effective implementation of internal quality assurance framework in the IUB, aligned with HEC policy, to enhance and maintain standards of teaching and research in each subject area.
  • Providing feedback to the university decision making bodies, faculty, and administration to initiate action plans for improvement of academic programs and standards of teaching and research at the IUB.
  • Establishing an effective Self-Assessment and feedback system for each program being offered at the IUB.
  • Ensuring that all university programs meet minimum requirements set by HEC/accreditation councils.
  • Ensuring arrangement of activities for student development to provide them right knowledge, skills and attitude required to enter the market well prepared.
  • Ensuring arrangement of activities for faculty development for their capacity building in teaching and research.
  • Development and implementation of quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation to affirm that standards of awards are being maintained.
  • Promoting collaborations with local and international institutions to enhance quality of teaching and research at the IUB.


  • Coordinating with HEC/QAA to ensure implementation of quality assurance policies at IUB.
  • Representing QAA at different decision-making bodies and forums at IUB.
  • Collection of information and statistics for internal assessment and university ranking agencies.
  • Review of degree programs to ensure the implementation of minimum quality standards set by HEC.
  • Facilitating teaching departments in completing their Self-Assessment framework and preparing self-assessment reports for each program.
  • Working with each department to prepare and execute implantation plan for improvement of academic standards. 
  • Annual evaluation including program, faculty, and student's perception.
  • Review of academic affiliations and develop qualification framework.
  • Develop program specifications and quality assurance processes.
  • Develop and evaluate department, employer, and institutional assessment.
  • Arranging activates for faculty/staff and student development.
  • Coordinating with national and international ranking agencies to represent the IUB in rankings.
  • Collaborating with local and international quality assurance institutions.

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