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Directorate of Sports

The Directorate of Sports was established in 1976 to provide opportunities and facilities in the field of Physical Education and Sports for both male and female students. The Directorate of Sports provides a wide range of physical activities and arranges recreational events for the students. The Directorate is strongly committed to providing the finest environment possible for performing sports activities and providing all students with the opportunity to participate in the sports of their interest. The Directorate provides the opportunities to participate in different sports activities in the evening on daily basis. The Directorate of sports is striving to provide student players for promotion of sports at University and national level. Capacity Building of players (both male and female). Directorate Organizes training camps for students, separately for male and female students. Cash prizes and sports scholarships are given to reward student athletes who win gold at Inter-Varsity, Provincial, and National competitions. This Directorate creates healthy environment in the campus through sports activities and provides optimum-coaching facilities for the students (male & female) to encourage their participation in sports at different level.

Amjad Farooq Warraich


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