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Journal of Educational Research
IUB Journal of Ulum-e-Islamia
Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
IUB Journal of Ulum-e-Arabia
Abbasia News ( Special Addition )
Abbasia News Special Form
IUB News
IUB journal of Linguistics & Literature
IUB journal of Economic Studies
IUB journal of social sciences
Bahawalpur Journal of Media & Communication
Materials Chemistry Laboratory
Pakistan Journal of Engineering
Matan (Urdu Research Journal)
SADIQ Journal of Pakistan Studies
International Journal of Forest Sciences (IJFS)
Pakistan Journal of Applied Psychology (PJAP)
Political Horizons
Journal of Banking and Social Equity (JBSE)
Journal of Computers and Intellignet Systems (JCIS)
South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies
Journal of Information Management and Practices (JIMP)
Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Service Industries Research (JTHS)
Journal of Contemporary Business and Islamic Finance (JCBIF)
International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences
New Trends in Physics
Journal of Business, Management & Administrative Sciences (JBMAS)
Pakistan Journal of Qur'anic Studies
Journal of Culture and Heritage Studies (jchs)

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