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Occupational Safety and Health (OSAH)

The office of occupational safety and health (OSAH), The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is working under the visionary leadership of Worthy Vice-Chancellor IUB. This office is responsible to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of employees, students, and society at work. Furthermore, protecting them from safety and health hazards arising from activities within university. Moreover, the office is responsible for administration and enforcement of rules & regulations related to occupational safety and health within the campus of IUB with vision of becoming an institute which leads the university in creating a safe and healthy work culture that contributes towards enhancing the quality of working life. 

To this end, the Office of Occupational safety and health was established on January 15, 2020 to advise and assist administrative staff, faculty and students across the whole University on Health and safety matter which include but are not limited to the following aspects. Chemical safety, Fire Prevention and safety, Disaster preparedness, electrical safety, personal protective equipment, road safety, construction safety and safety and health training such as Fire safety, use of fire extinguishers, Fire prevention, Mock Exercise to prepared for disaster.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
Manager OSAH

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