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Freelancing Admissions are open for Batch-10 in National Freelance Training Center IUB | NFTP

Admissions for the next physical batch 
(Batch-10) of National Freelance Training Program in The Islamia University of Bahawalpur are now LIVE!

Our eligibility criteria is as follows:
1) Valid CNIC 
2) Minimum 14 years of degree / education from an HEC verified institute 
(You can apply without fulfilling this requirement if you are currently enrolled in university in any semester)
3) Minimum age 18 years and maximum age 40.

To Apply, simply visit: https://portal-nftp.pitb.gov.pk/Trainee_Candidate_Applicant_Registration_Partner_Institute_Undertaking.aspx

Step-by-step guide to Apply: 
To learn more about our program and courses offered click here: https://nftp.pitb.gov.pk/

For more information :
Please visit : NFTP Center ,Basement Main library , Baghdad ul jadeed campus IUB | call  062-9255853

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