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Additional Registrar (Admin)
Mr. Muhammad Arif Ramooz


Administration Division is the significant division of the Registrar office, that is Headed by the Additional Registrar (Admin) Mr Arif Ramooz (M.Phill) and provides a vital support in dealing with the Administrative/Service matters of all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Employees of the University that includes University notifications, Circulars, Orders, transfers / posting of employees, leaves, Pension preparation, coordination with the other institutions / Departments / offices, administrative matters and management of the profile of IUB employees on my IUB portal, etc.

The Division also facilitates other Divisions, Departments and Sub –Campuses of the IUB with back-end support in general administrative matters.

The Administration Division is further divided into two Section(s) i.e. Admin-l / Establishment, which deals with the administrative matters of Non-Teaching Staff and Admin-ll / Faculty, which deals with administrative matters of Teaching staff, each headed by a Deputy Registrar(s) to handle the employee’s administrative matters efficiently.


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