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Karwan E Ilam


        Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation (KIF) has been working in the field of education with the aim of uplifting the needy but brilliant students coming from all four provinces of the country as well as Gilgit Baltistan, FATA and Azad Kashmir irrespective of color, caste or region of country. This noble cause was initiated in the year 2002, when for the very first time in the history of Pakistan, the esteemed magazine monthly Urdu Digest established a department with the name of Karwan-e-Ilm Department and conducted awards ceremony in the honor of first three positions holders of matric exams from the eight boards of Intermediate and Secondary education based in the province of Punjab. At the same time, financial assistance program was started for needy students among these position holders. After observing the positive impact and response of this first initiative, the management of Urdu Digest decided to continue and extend these services at a country wide level. This led to registration of Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation as a Not-for-Profit organization in the year 2004.


  1. To make organized efforts for ensuring higher and quality education to the deserving students obtaining a minimum of 75% marks in at the Secondary and Intermediate Examinations in all the Educational Boards and equivalent examinations of Board of Wafaq-ul-Madaris in Pakistan. However, a relaxation may be allowed to orphans and children of teachers of all categories and in other hardship cases.
  2. To institute scholarships and stipends, total or partial, for deserving students in all fields of learning to enable them to pursue their further studies. Preference shall be given to female students.
  3. To hold befitting ceremonies in all the important cities of Pakistan in recognition of talent and distribute awards, medals, certificates, cash and gifts for morale boosting of the talented students.
  4. To help the talented students in getting admission in the educational institutions of repute and to provide them guidance in their educational matters.
  5. To promote national harmony through frequent interaction by organizing inter-provincial students training/educational camps and study tours of the historical places, cultural and industrial centers which would sharpen their observation and develop culture of tolerance and spirit of cooperation culminating in social cohesion and integration.
  6. To help evolve a system of surveying the financial and social condition of the parents of the talented students and provide them financial support enabling them to create a congenial atmosphere for theirs school/college going children. The entire process be undertaken through the good offices of heads of educational institutions.
  7. To strive for reviving and upholding due respect for the teaching profession and paying befitting tribute to the meritorious services of the hard working and devoted teachers by holding receptions in their honor by presenting them attractive gifts and cash awards for addressing their personal problems.
  8. To hold conventions of the educationists for dilating upon the issues of quality education, of giving rightful place to the teachers in the educational system and of improving their professional efficiency and academic qualification.
  9. To update laboratories, libraries and other amenities of the educational institutions showing excellent results.
  10. To arrange seminars, workshops and study groups for inculcating in the teachers and the students the habits of reading and applying their minds.
  11. To help promote a system of education at all levels which guarantees the development of social, moral and cultural behavior among students and teachers for the assimilation of Islamic values in their practical lives.
  12. To work for the identification/publications of books which provide a vivid description and a deep understanding of the real spirit behind historic and the heroic struggles for Pakistan as well as the great potential of the country and its people in order to nurture national outlook and patriotism in the young generation.
  13. To coordinate the efforts of the existing societies, organizations, trusts and foundations engaged in the welfare activities in the field of education for creating a collective impact and achieving better resource utilization.
  14. To work for maintaining data base of the talented students and undertaking their career planning with the objective of inducting them into the mainstream of the national leadership.

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