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The Selection Board

(1) The Selection Board shall consist of:-
(i) The Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)
(ii) The Chairman or a member of the Public Service Commission to be nominated by the Chairman
(iii) The Dean of the Faculty concerned
(iv) The Chairman of the teaching department concerned; and
(v) One member of the Syndicate and two other men of eminence, to be appointed by the Syndicate provided that none of them is an employee of the University.
(2) The members mentioned in clause (v) of sub-paragraph (1) shall hold office for two years.
(3) The quorum of Selection Board in case of selection of a Professor or an Associate Professor and other teachers/officers shall be four and three respectively. In case of Selection of officers other than teachers, the Selection Board shall consist only of members mentioned at (i) (ii) and (v) of sub-paragraph (1). The Registrar will act as Secretary of the Board.
(4) No member who is a candidate for the post to which appointment is to be made shall take part in the proceedings of the Board.
(5) In selecting candidates for the posts of Professors and Associate Professors, the Selection Board shall co-opt or consult three experts in the subject concerned and in selecting candidates for other teaching posts, two Experts in the subject concerned, to be nominated by the Vice- Chancellor from a standing list of experts for each subject approved by the Syndicate on the recommendation of the Selection Board and revise form time to time: *Provided that in the case of a candidate who had been holding a teaching position in a University of Pakistan and is being considered for appointment to the same teaching position in the Islamia University, the requirement of consulting or co-opting fresh Experts may be dispensed with.

Functions of the Selection Board

(1) The Selection Board for teaching and other posts shall consider applications received in response to advertisement or otherwise, and recommend to the Syndicate the names of suitable candidates for appointment to teaching or other posts, as the case may be, and may also recommend:-
(i) The grant of a higher initial pay in a suitable case for reasons to be recorded; or
(ii) The appointment of an eminently qualified person to a Professorship in the University on terms and conditions other than those prescribed.
(2) In event of difference of opinion between the Selection Board and the Syndicate, the matter shall be referred to the Chancellor whose decision shall be final.

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