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Psychological services at higher education institutions make a key contribution to provide guidance and support for students to overcome their academic problems or personal capacities and potentials that enhances their academic performance. Whereas, these psychological services also cater the problems faced by the employees such as workplace stress , occupational stress and burnout etc. the more common problems, and impatient of self-concept (Grayson,2006).university students often claim to experience stress , anxiety, symptoms of depression, eating problems and other psychological issues, which have significant negative impact on their academic performance and their mental health (Cooley, today, Valdez, &tee ,2007;Tosevski,Mo;pvamcevic, & Gajic, 2010). Similar Psychological issues have also been reported in university employees, for example Williams Tomas, & Smith (2007) identified several key factors that are commonly associated with stress in academic staff. These included work overload, time pressure, luck of prospects, poor level of reward and recognition fluctuating roles, poor management poor resources ad funding and student interactions

According to studies conducted in Pakistan, the common Psychological problems and its various dimensions faced by the university population are depression ,stress and anxiety (Akhter,2019; Ahmer et al., 2008),interpersonal issues, identity confusions , peer bullying cyber bulling and cyber victimization (Bibi,Blackwell & Margarf,2019; khan Arif sabahat harassment issues (verbal, physical and sexual),unrealistic expectations of parent which resoles in academic failures and suicidal ideations , limited availability of guidance for choosing career (Asif, Mudassar, Shahzad, Raouf, & Pervaiz; Bashir,2018;Bilal & Malik,2014).Most of the individuals who have problems do not receive any therapeutic or counseling services (Ziving). Eisenberg, Gollust, & Golberstein, 2009.) Personal social and psychological problems among the university students and employees have both short term and long-term consequences including decreasing work capacity, burnout and poor performance (Andrews & Wilding 2004; Saleem & Manhood, 2013). The need and the value of Psychological services is supported by the fact that whenever such services are provided, the demand of such services associated negative consequences also increase the demand for developing such enabling centers in the higher learning institution for equipping the university population (Manhood & Slaeem,2010 ).effective counseling and psychotherapeutic services for university students and employees will foster success and are an integral part of the institutional environment.

Keeping in view the al discussed issues above, Enabling Center (EC) primary goal is to ensure that student and employees are provided with the services and tools needed to support their growth development and learning at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. continued goals of the EC are to assist student and employees in identifying problems early, promote efforts towards wellness and balance and help them to learn skills which will help them to effectively meet their career and life goals.

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