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  • Academic Concerns
  • Psychological issues
  • Career indecision or re-evaluating profession goals
  • Conflicts
  • Time Management/Procrastination EC will provide


In first phase all above issues will be take care through following services;

Career path counseling

A. normal part of university student development involves exploring options for a future career. student will get help with this process in individual career counseling at this counseling center. This exploration will include taking career interest tests and interpreting the results with a counselor. Career counseling will help students to understand how their personality, values, and interests relate to their professional lives in order to assist in choosing major or establishing career goals.

B. psychotherapeutic services

Several types of psychotherapy (Psychoanalysis, cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) Humanistic therapies, and Systematic Therapy, client /person Centered Therapy would be used. Occupational therapy will also be provided to the student’s employees to résumé or maintain participation in a variety of tasks their jobs leisure and social activates, getting around, caring for themselves and their home and much more.


c. general/Interpersonal Counseling

In second phase, enabling center will offer general or Interpersonal Counseling for the students and employees of IUB for their psychological issues.

  1. Individual l Counseling

Infidel counseling will available for any registered IUB student and employee. Individual sessions will offer on a sport-term basis that usually enough to address the common psychological concerns faced by university student /employees. Counseling can address a wide range of issues, including loneliness, anxiety depression, stress, low, self-esteem, relationship problems, jobs concerns, traumatic events, academic challenges, and indecision about majors and careers.

  1. Group counseling

Group counseling is a highly effective form of therapeutic treatment. The small and intimate nature of a group (typically no more than eight members) will provide a safe and supportive space for student to explore a range of issues as they interact with other. getting feedback from peers, learning that others are dealing with similar issues feeling that you can help someone else are only a few of the benefits of group counseling

D. psychiatric services (Referral Only)

In the second phase Enabling Center will render psychiatric services for student employees of IUB. The Enabling Center will maintain an extensive list of off –company health resources that include psychologists, social workers and others man health agencies. Students and employees who might seek referrals include those who not comfortably seeking counseling on campus. Or who will be recommended by Enabling Center for longer term or specialized treatment.

The other functions of Enabling Center (EC) will include:

  1. Safe and inclusive support (e- psych services) the EC is a sage and inclusive space where counselors, Psychologist will provide support all student/employees of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur through helpline near and email ec@iub.edu.pk
  2. Awareness wall (named as PSYCH ROCK)

The awareness –wall will be constructed ant any populous place in IUB for psychology issues and mental health awareness and promotion campaigns. The well may be named “PSYCH ROCK” Message of the week will be placed on the PSYCH ROCK for the awareness and promotion of mental health in university community. The design construction and place of PSYCH ROCK would be on the part of department of Applied Psychology, Directorate of Health Education and relevant bodies of IUB

  1. Awareness Camping and Walks

Enabling center will arrange awareness campaigns and walks related to psychological issues prevailing in society

  1. Devising Self-help guides for the students

The self-help guides on various psychological and mental health issues and remedeseion dealing with those issues will be devised to help the university community.

  1. Outreach presentations

Seminars, lectures, guest speakers, films and videos on different topics will occupationally offered to provide information and encourage prevention of educational, emotional are behavioral problems.

  1. Annual date publication

Annual reports will be published based on the date

Who can service from Enabling Center?

All students and employees of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur will be eligible for all sort service been run under EC.

What physical resources we have right now?

There are three rooms and auditorium are available that are just adjacent to department Applied psychology and can be a suitable vicinity for timely start of Enabling Center. At some later stage, this EC can be shifted or constructed in separate building.

When to avail services of Enabling

The EC will render their services for 3 days a week and hours a day.

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