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Department of Architecture

Chairman’s Message

The mission of the Department of Architecture is to produce critical thinkers and skilled makers through research, professional practice, Design based solutions, and environmentally sustainable goals by using modern tools and community engagement. To achieve these objectives, design is taught as an integral, speculative and creative attempt to embracing both the humanities and the sciences. The department is grounded on the concept to generate the multidisciplinary interactions for critical design thinking through studio-based integrated modules and sustainable design solutions including developing research and on-site projects to address contemporary, emerging, and changing issues for the community. The main aim is inspiring the students to acquire leadership, ethical values and social skills to shape the unparalleled progressive entrepreneur cultural diversity.

(Ar. Ayaz Mahmood)

Department of Architecture

Overview of Department

Architecture defines the region, in present Bahawalpur have aesthetically beautiful & royal architecture. The Islamia University is the pioneer to establish the Department of Architecture in the region of Bahawalpur, which will explore the existing features also defines the new dimension with sustainable approach. We expect our graduate to envelop their responses to complex philosophical question in well articulate buildings that are thoughtful in their relationship with urban context. We have faculty highly qualified teachers from different background, by which students can avail maximum opportunity to understand art & architecture. The main objectives of the department will be understanding how to collaboratively lead teams of stakeholders in the process of conceiving, developing and implementing solutions to problems in the built and natural environments, utilizing knowledge of the diverse forms and the dimensions of professional practice along with associated ethical, legal, financial and social responsibilities. To demonstrate critical thinking through a self-reflective process of conceptualization and design thinking that is open to consideration of alternative perspectives by analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing ideas and information gathered through applied research grounded in information literacy.

Core Topics in Architecture Design

Architectural education needs are different for different regions within Pakistan. Our curriculum provides a broad outline and framework of knowledge areas with a built-in flexibility. List of core topics are as under:

  1. Architecture Design Studios
  2. History of Architecture
  3. Materials & Construction
  4. Structures for Architects
  5. Building Conservation
  6. Energy and Environment
  7. Urban Design
  8. Landscape Design
  9. Interior Design
  10. Construction Project Management.

Programs Offered

  1. Bachelor of Architecture



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