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Faculty of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

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In the year 2019, University started to reshape its conventional academic and administrative structures for the contemporary needs and challenges. As a result, the number of departments and faculties have been increased, new disciples have been created, and new programs are initiated. This new faculty is also the segment of that revolutionization, for a more rewarding administrative control as per requirement of the students, faculty, and of course university, too. This significant faculty consists of department of Geography, department of Mathematics, and Institute of Physics (which also include a diverse group of 11 disciplines). These important scientific areas are very attractive for the students not only for job perspective but also to boost the impact of such useful scientific tools and skills that are in the domain of Physical and Mathematical Science. This faculty has all potential to grow further, and to benefit the society, drastically through its impactful research as well as a very good and trained human resource.

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa

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