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Institute of Physics

The Department of Physics has the distinction of being the oldest department of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, which was established in 1977 along with the University. Since then, the department is focused on quality education. Department of Physics has been upgraded to the Institute of Physics in July 2020. Institute of Physics is devoted to provide quality education through interactive teaching and high-quality research activities. The Institute of Physics regularly updates curriculum and research projects to the latest standards, to encourage students and stay connected to the latest advances in science and technology. Institute of Physics has highly qualified foreign trained faculty involving twenty-one PhD and eight MPhil members. About fifteen hundred students are currently enrolled and more than fifty PhD scholars are pursuing their PhD studies in various fields.
Institute of Physics offers BS, MSc, MPhil and PhD degree programs which encompass besides core Physics areas like Quantum, Solid State Physics, Electrodynamics and some of the modern Applied fields such as: Medical Physics, Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Semiconductor Physics and Nanotechnology, Space Science, Particle Physics, Renewable energy, Computational physics, Medical imaging and electronics, Bio-medical Physics, and Earth Science, where every field is equally important according to the current needs of our country in the education and technology sector. A number of quality research articles are being published every year in well reputed journals. Institute of Physics has always been the source of innovation in physics education and research. In recent years we have produced a number of quality graduates and PhD degree holders in Physics who are serving in different research organizations, universities, hospitals, industries and recognized institutes at national and international level.





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