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The Faculty of Computing is among one of the most popular faculty of the university that has the ability to produce skillful and practical professionals who can meet the challenges of emerging international trends in Computer Science, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Engineering, Information Security and Data Science. The Faculty members under the Faculty of Computing exhibit their expertise in diverse fields of computing and have ability to convert knowledge of computing to the students in an effective and practical manner.  The current research interests of the faculty members include developing smart systems, image analysis, text and data mining, big data analytics, cloud, fog and edge computing, blockchain, cyber security, machine learning algorithms, AI tools, digital forensic investigations etc., among others. The faculty members have strong interaction with different organizations and industry. 

In recent past, the alumni of this faculty were being hired by the country's top academic institutions, organizations, industries and software houses; that show the skills and problem-solving ability of the graduates. At the moment, the Faculty of Computing comprises of six departments, namely, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Data Science and Department of Information Security, which can be extended with the addition of a few more departments in future. The Faculty of Computing offers BS, MS and PhD programs in almost all the Departments based on their field of expertise.

Prof. Dr. Dost Muhammad Khan

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