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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics established in 1979, initially held its MSc classes at Khawaja Fareed Campus before shifting to Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus under the Chairmanship of Hafiz Ali Muhammad. Evening classes of MSc were started in 2003 at Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus. As a mark of progression, the Department launched BS, MPhil., and PhD programs at Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus in 2017, 2007, and 2004, respectively. The Department of Mathematics embraces its power and diversity by combining its applied, computational and pure mathematicians in one Department.
The Department of Mathematics in Bahawalnagar Campus launched BS, MSc, and MPhil Programs in 2020, 2013, and 2021 respectively while the Department of Mathematics, Rahim Yar Khan Campus launched BS, MSc, and MPhil Programs in 2019, 2021, and 2021 respectively. More than 35 faculty members of Mathematics are serving in these Campuses, which include 17 PhDs. Currently; more than 1500 students are studying on three Campuses.
The Department is bestowed with highly educated, dedicated, and hardworking faculty who is actively involved in teaching and research supervision at MPhil & PhD level. The capability of faculty covers widespread research specialties. So, students can choose their specialization from a rich array of prospective study areas. The research produced by the faculty is of wide-ranging standard and has been deemed worthy of numerous research awards and grants. The courses taught at the Department are rigorous and demanding curriculum across the whole range of the mathematical sciences. These courses bring depth in specialized areas. The Department of Mathematics has its educational goal of producing mathematicians who can contribute to the need of society, institutions, organizations, and industries. Of course, the programs offered by the Department lead directly to fascinating employment opportunities. The Department takes pride in its Alumni which is serving in educational institutions. The Alumni have also rendered their services to many other important organizations and industries.





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