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Department of Commerce

The department of Commerce is one of the finest and leading departments of the University, where students are enrolled to develop their skills; revitalize their prior knowledge; stretch their financial, entrepreneurial abilities and competencies through practical application of various subjects; i.e. Accountancy, Finance, Management and Marketing. The department of Commerce is one that has an eminent history of widening the horizons of its student and helping them to gain practical knowledge required to compete at both national and international levels. The major goal of the department is to equip students with such human skills which make them compatible with national as well as international competitors through increasing their practical exposure and through divulging them to various curricular activities. The department has a long standing commitment to produce highly competent graduates who have the ability to exceed the expectations of highly dynamic, complex and competitive market of 21st century. Graduates of the department have achieved excellence in various spheres of life as they are serving at various national and international organizations covering trade, industry, financial institutions, business organizations, public sector institutions and nonprofit sector. Several hundred students of the department of commerce are enjoying respectable managerial positions in the hierarchy of various national and multinational organizations in Pakistan, Middle East and Europe.

Department of Commerce offers diverse range of programs that are particularly designed for people related to diversified array of backgrounds. These programs include BS Commerce (M & E), BS Banking & Finance, BS E–Commerce, M.Phil Commerce (Evening), MS Banking & Finance, and PhD Commerce. Students are placed by the department in various national and international organizations for compulsory internships to have practical exposure of trade, industry, public sector, financial sector and nonprofit sector organizations. The faculty has nice blend of industry, banking and teaching expertise. 

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