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Department of Criminology

The Department of Criminology is recently established under the umbrella of the Faculty of Law, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur to contribute towards imparting paralegal education in Criminology. The study of criminology as a formal academic field is a recent development in Pakistan. However, it is a widely studied and well regarded academic discipline in institutions all over the globe. It sheds light on the decision-making process behind criminal justice policy. In particular, students of criminology learn how various parts of the criminal justice system function and administer punishment. Many academic fields, including law, sociology, psychology, economics, history, politics, and social work, contribute to and inform the study of criminology. It differs from these fields of study, however, in that it employs them in service of the state and society at large, ensuring public safety, rehabilitating criminals into productive members of society, and so on. Professional opportunities await criminology majors in law enforcement, prosecution, corrections, parole, probation, and juvenile justice, among other fields.


BS Criminology (4 Year Programme under Semester system)


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