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Department of English Literature

Founded in 1980s, the Department of English Literature has served as the leading center of learning since its inception in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.  Throughout its history, the department has staffed academics with strong research backgrounds, and has facilitated an excellent learning environment for the students. With its well-structured curriculum, the department equips the students with the necessary language skills, and a comprehensive understanding of literature and theory, ranging from Greek to Elizabethan, Victorian to Post-modern studies, and contemporary critical theory. In a brief span of eleven years, the department of English Literature has produced over 200 MPhil. Graduates and over fifteen PhD. graduates. Currently, the Department offers several graduate and post-graduate programs i.e. BS English Literature, BS (ADP) English Literature, MPhil English Literature, PhD English Literature.

The Department of English Literature is committed to quality education with an objective to make its graduates cultured, moderate, enlightened, and responsible individuals. The curriculum of different programs is, therefore, designed to serve two purposes: to produce good academicians and scholars in the discipline with an up-to-date knowledge and the latest trends in the discipline. The department provides a diverse research exposure to the students by organizing international seminars, webinars, and workshops, in collaboration with globally recognized academic scholars. Research papers and literary reviews have been consistently published over the years by the faculty members, research assistants and scholars, in both national and international journals.





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