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Department of History

The Department of History was one of the prime domains of Jamia Abbasia established in 1925. Initially, the department was established to impart education of Islamic History. With the up-gradation of Jamia Abbasia, from a religious center to an advanced academic institution, the department of History extensively flourished. Its scope was widened to the classical categories of History and its contribution was larger among the Intellectual prowess and innovative research of the university. Currently, the Department offers programs that include BS (Hons.), (M&E) BS Archeology, MPhil and PhD. The foremost objective of the department is to produce such historians that would be equipped with practical skills and have ability to meet the demands of increasingly digitized and globalized world.

With the purpose of extending the historical understanding, the department organizes different kinds of academic and literary activities. These include seminars, research tutorials, symposiums, presentations, group discussions and particularly conducting the National and International Conferences. The Department has also formulated its ambitious future plans. The notable ongoing project is to set up an Archaeology and Heritage Study Center. This proposed project aims at enlarging the knowledge sharing culture and awareness among the people about the rich heritage of this region.

In recent days, our department has started webinar meetings to engage and exchange ideas based on history, archaeology, and cultural heritage. These activity provides healthy platform for both teachers and students who can utilize their scholarly ideas as well. In this sense of understanding, our faculty and some foreign scholars have been working jointly. These days, department is organizing campaign for the new archaeological endeavors. The initiation of the BS ( Hons) program of archaeology and its campaign which would be handled by the faculty members. Furthermore, this campaign would bring positive change regarding the initiation of the archaeology program.


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