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Department of Siraiki

The Siraiki department of the Islamia University has won fame for pioneering higher education programs in Siraiki Language & literature. Presently, the department is offering BS, MPhil and PhD in Siraiki. So far this department has produced 19 MPhils. Currently 17 PhDs & 43 MPhil scholars are working on their course and research work. BS, MPhil and PhD Siraiki Syllabi reflects contemporary Literary and Social thoughts including the study of a millennium time- honored mystic tradition of the language & Literature with Special Studies of Khawaja Farids' everlasting blissful poetry. In addition to the core courses of Siraiki Literature the department offers optional courses like Radio, TV Journalism, Cholistani Culture & Civilization, Art & Performing Art, Method & Art of Translation and study of Siraiki Literature in Sindh. These unique Courses in the syllabi have enhanced the professional and social value our degrees. 
The Subject is now catching the attention of employees in public and private sectors. The Punjab Public Service Commission has interviewed and appointed more than 80 lecturers of Siraiki in the colleges of South Punjab. Among these, more than 80 Percent of the lecturers are the graduates of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. While in private Sector, our graduates are serving in electronic & print media, research organizations and NGOs.






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