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University College of Art and Design

The University College of Art & Design is offering various specializations of Fine Arts and Design to develop creative abilities, skills and potentials of each individual student as an artist and designer. The academic structure of the College is divided into Department of Fine Arts and Department of Design. These deliver a suit of specialist art and design courses ranging from foundation to BFA, B. Design and Masters in Fine Arts .These programs enable the students to develop skills and knowledge so that they may progress for further study and ultimately achieve a career in creative industry. All courses are taught by practicing artists and designers who use their professional experience to develop curriculum according to the criteria of HEC.

The Department of Fine Arts provides excellent learning opportunities through the provision of dedicated specialist programs of 4 year BFA and 2 year MA Fine Arts in Painting, Printmaking, Miniature and Sculpture. The professionally equipped studios have been established to organize an excellent range of workshops and exhibitions. The Department of Design encourages to seek education and work experience opportunities for the students either through contact with the local community, related professional companies or other institutions and business organizations.

The University College of Art & Design enjoys distinction in a way that it provides the students a multi disciplinary curriculum and the necessary freedom to develop as an artist and designer. At the same time, we strive for investigation and cultural relevance with Cholistan and local heritage of Art & Craft that makes University College of Art & Design truly prominent. Our students translate the most complex and innovative ideas into tangible forms, Paintings, Sculptures, Prints, Miniatures, Community Projects, Outdoor Decors of Textile, Illustrations etc. Very few art colleges provide such a broad range of specializations. 

In a theses show, held in June 2011 the student have projected hidden beauties of their creative work which received tremendous appreciation from art lovers of the country.






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