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Sir Sadiq Institute of Technology

The Sir Sadiq Institute of Technology, established in 2022, offers graduate programs in diverse fields of Technology. The institute is presently offering following two BS Technology programs:

  1. BS Electrical Engineering Technology

  2. BS Biomedical Engineering Technology

In addition, the following technology programs have been approved by the statutory bodies of IUB.

  1. BS Civil Engineering Technology

  2. BS Information Engineering Technology

The objective of the establishment of Sir Sadiq Institute of Technology is to offer degree programs in modern technologies in light of the National economic policies, China–Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC, and local industrial needs. The program will foster graduates to contribute to Pakistan's socio-economic development. The institute will also address the problems and needs of local industry and local community. The technologists as professionals are equipped with skill-based technical education. There is a major global shift from pure knowledge to usable skills. The engineering practice includes engineers, technologists and technicians who complement each other with unique skill sets to achieve desired results. Besides, the technology sector needs skilled graduates to accommodate the global industrial demands. The institute will also start new technology programs in the future to serve national needs. Moreover, Institute has obtained NOC by the National Technology Council (NTC) to start the technology programs. The scheme of study for Engineering Technology programs is based on OBE and OBA models that are in substantial compliance with the Sydney Accord.


BS Electrical Engineering Technology

BS Biomedical Engineering Technology

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